AMX-8952 4K UHD 12G-SDI Embedder / De-embedder


4K UHD 12G-SDI Embedder / De-embedder and Frame Synchronizer

12G SDI Embedder/De-embedder and Frame Sync.

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The AMX-8952 4K UHD 12G-SDI Embedder / De-embedder provides a cost-effective solution that allows facility engineers and systems integrators to incorporate discrete audio signals into HD, 3G and 12G-SDI infrastructures. As an openGear solution, it is part of an open eco-system of products that use industry-standard frames and leverage DashBoard’s unified control.

The AMX-8952 family consists of 3 variants supporting popular discrete audio standards:

  • AMX-8952-A: 16 channels of discrete AES unbalanced
  • AMX-8952-B: 16 channels of discrete AES balanced
  • AMX-8952-C: 8 channels of discrete analog

AMX-8952 is aimed at solving the following common embedded audio workflow problems:

  • SDI Audio embedder / disembedder with optional 12G SDI support
  • Synchronize video using an optional frame synchronizer
  • Support for 16 channels of discrete AES or 8 channels of discrete analog audio
  • Synchronize audio with built-in high-quality sample rate conversion
  • Adjust video delay to at least 1 second in all supported video formats
  • Adjust audio on a per-channel pair basis with built-in shuffling, gain and delay capabilities
  • User-configurable embedder or disembedder mode to quickly adapt to changing needs
  • Configurable UHD SDI I/O
    • Input mode:
      • Loss of input failover protection
      • Clean/Quiet switchover using GPI, RossTalk or DashBoard CustomPanel
    • Output mode:
      • Copy of primary output to facilitate distribution
  • High-density with up to 10 channels per openGear chassis
  • Protect critical path using loss of input failover or Clean/Quiet switching capabilities

High-density design – Up to 10 cards per oGx frame

  • SDI IN/OUT/IO: HD / 3G / 12G-SDI in and out
  • 2 GPIO
  • Frame reference support

Supported Video formats

  • 2160p @ 50/59.94
  • 1080p @ 23.98/25/29.97/50/59.94
  • 1080i @ 50/59.94
  • 720p @ 50/59.94

Audio Processing

  • Audio processing support (sum, gain, mute, tone, src and delay)
  • Full audio shuffle 32×32
  • Dolby® pass-through
  • Audio Embedding / De-embedding
    • 16-channel AES unbalanced AMX-8952-A
    • 16-channel AES balanced AMX-8952-B
    • 8-channel AES balanced AMX-8952-C


  • Full configuration, setup and monitoring via DashBoard™
  • Control via Ultritouch support
  • GPI control
  • Ethernet via RossTalk
  • SNMP





Ordering Code Description
AMX-8952-UHD-LICENSE 12G-SDI License
AMX-8952-FS-LICENSE Frame Synchronizer License
Ordering Code Description
AMX-8952-A 1 SDI in/ 1 SDI out / 1 SDI I/O
8 unbalanced 75 Ohm AES
2 Slots
AMX-8952-B 1 SDI in/ 1 SDI out / 1 SDI I/O
8 balanced 110 Ohm AES
2 Slots
AMX-8952-C 1 SDI in/ 1 SDI out / 1 SDI I/O
8 Analog WECO
2 Slots
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