MC1-UHD 4K Master Control Switcher


UHD 4K Master Control Switcher

12G-SDI Master Control and Branding

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High-quality 4K master control and branding are now affordable with MC1 UHD. Adapted from the powerful MC1 system, MC1 UHD supports HD and UHD workflows, scaling from stand-alone branding to multi-channel master control installations. It adapts easily to manual or automated control. MC1 UHD provides peace of mind by solving your keying and branding needs in master control and playout workflows. Integrate the MC1 with your chosen automation system, router and graphics system with a variety of control and media transfer protocols.

Intuitive DashBoard operation allows for an easy transition and brings operators up to speed quickly.

MC1 UHD installs in the robust openGear® chassis. Simple scaling solutions allow for additional openGear® cards; add an additional channel by adding a 2nd MC1-MK-4GB or add a variety of additional functions such as Loudness Processing, Dolby™ Encoding, and Nielsen Watermarking.

If you require high-quality HD or UHD with low latency, multiple keyers, logo store, and 24/7 reliability, MC1 UHD is the ideal solution.

Video Features

  • HD (720p / 1080i) and 3G (1080p) and UHD 4K (2160p) video formats
  • Background A/B Mix
  • 4 Keyers
  • 2 External Key/Fill Inputs
  • 2Animated Logo Generators
  • Fade to Black

Audio Features

  • Audio Shuffle
  • Audio Gain / Invert

Control and Integration

  • Rosslinq interface to XPression LiveCG
  • Ultrix Router Support
  • Automation Support via Presmaster protocol
  • RossTalk
  • GPI
  • DashBoard Control


  • Up to 10 channels in an openGear frame
  • 5-year warranty


GATOR-MC1 Gator MC1-UHD Mixer/Keyer, including 4 keyers, background mix and support for HD/3G formats. Optional UHD, Master Control and DVE licenses.
MC1-12G-LICENSE UHD / 12G-SDI license for MC1-GATOR Platform
MC1-MASTERCTRL-LICENSE Master Control License for MC1-GATOR Platform
MC1-DVE-1CH-LICENSE DVE (1 Channel) License for MC1-GATOR Platform. Requires MC1-MASTERCTRL-LICENSE
Gator-2 6in / 6out SDI
No discrete audio
2 slots
View Rear Module
Gator-4A 6in / 6out SDI
8 unbalanced AES
4 slots
View Rear Module
Gator-4B 6in / 6out SDI
8 balanced AES
4 slots
View Rear Module
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