Offering a wide array of production systems and creative services

Ross equipment has helped shape the look and excitement for many major productions worldwide. We have had an ongoing role with major award shows like the Academy Awards, the Grammy’s, and the Emmy’s. We are there for entertainment shows like The Voice, The X Factor, American Idol, the Eurovision Song Contest, and Dancing with the Stars. We also help to make game shows more fun, like the looks that come out of Sabado Gigante for example! Our equipment has been used for countless music concerts from emerging performers to many of the biggest names in the business. Yes, we think this is really cool!

We offer a wide array of production products, creative services, and even on site production packaging (providing producer, crew, equipment and even talent) in select locations.

At Ross, we understand the pressures of live production and that with entertainment shows you really have to grab the viewer’s attention.

  • On Stage

    You need to deliver original, spectacular, and captivating content- in a reliable, cost-effective, and risk-free manner. You can rely on Ross to make your live-event visually appealing to your audiences in ways that you never thought were possible.

  • In the Control Room

    Part of the real magic of buying a solution from Ross is how all of the systems tie together. Our Carbonite and Acuity production switchers speak RossTalk to the XPression Motion Graphics system, making frame accurate and sophisticated effects across multiple screens super easy at just the touch of a button on the switcher panel. Our switcher macro systems are second to none with their power, breadth of third party device control, and ease of use.

  • Behind the Scenes – Service & Expertise

    Sometimes everyone can use a helping hand. Whether it is getting a new facility or production started, managing through a transition, or facing a temporary scheduling conflict, Ross can step in to provide creative and production services to assure your performance never misses a beat. With our live production expertise, we can assist you in producing, designing, visualizing, and creating a variety of production tasks.

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