HDR Workflows

At a Glance

High dynamic range (HDR) offers greater dynamic range, giving brighter highlights and deeper, clearer shadows and with wide color gamut (WCG) expands the palette of available colors to reproduce the world we see more faithfully. This is achieved without significant changes to existing signal standards, so it does not require a complete change of infrastructure.

Better Pictures

HDR programming brings better images to your audience. With growing adoption of HDR-ready receivers, your audience will be drawn to life-like viewing experience with punchy highlights, deeper, clearer shadows, and a broader palette of colors.

A Choice of Standards

Most content distribution utilizes the HDR10 standard, based on the Perceptual Quantizer (PQ) encoding standard. Many live events have seen workflow benefits from production in Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG). Solutions supporting both standards (along with others such as SLog3) give flexibility to your production and distribution chains.

Competitive Advantage

More pixels can make a picture better, but HDR gives better pixels which can make pictures truly breath-taking. Even in HD, HDR can transform your visuals into something remarkable. Make your content stand out in your market by offering the best viewing experience.

Produce HDR and SDR in a Unified Workflow

Target both SDR and HDR audiences with a single workflow. Using GATOR-TOOLBOX’s advanced 3D-lookup tables (3D-LUT) to control precise tone-mapping between SDR and HDR, hybrid workflows

are possible, and are compatible with offline HDR conversion. These hybrid workflows allow a single production to deliver the best experience to both HDR and SDR audiences.


Leverage Current Infrastructure

HDR signal transport is backwards-compatible with existing SDR transport, allowing HDR to be carried without change to key infrastructure. Ross offers infrastructure and production solutions that protect critical metadata to ensure clean end-to-end HDR content transport. Inclusion of simple conversion at the edge can integrate external HDR sources into an existing SDR workflow or bridge legacy SDR sources into HDR production.

Create Breathtaking Content

Ross Graphics solutions natively support High Dynamic Range and Wide Color Gamut, offering audiences breathtaking visuals. Whether it is data-driven XPression graphics, engaging Piero sports analysis or lifelike virtual environments with Voyager, Ross solutions can create a look to remember. MediaIO, Tria+, Mira+ and Kiva server solutions ensure ingest and playout preserve HDR at full fidelity to ensure maximum impact.

Display Technologies

Transform your space and captivate. Create your content that takes their breath away with a screen so lifelike, they can’t tell it from reality. Let your creativity surge.


End to End Solution

Product Line-up

SDR <> HDR Converter

  • Direct Map / 3D LUT Support
  • REC 709 / BT.2020 WCG
  • HLG / PQ / SLOG3
  • Scene Light or Display Light
  • NBCU, BBC or Custom LUT

Production Switcher

  • HDR Passthrough
  • SDR – HLG / PQ / SLOG3
  • Direct Map Conversion
  • Ultrix Carbonite / Carbonite Ultra / Carbonite Black Plus

Software Defined Production Engine

  • HDR Passthrough
  • Ultriscape HDR Passthrough
  • Preserves ST.352

Video / Replay Servers

  • Record HDR
  • Playout HDR
  • Does Not Generate HDR ST352

Real-time Graphics

  • Pass HDR
  • Produce HDR
  • Voyager – 3D LUT HDR Conversion

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