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12G SDI, HDR, WCG and 4K UHD Solutions

4K UHD is rapidly becoming one of the most in-demand production formats as the world’s television manufacturers cease production of high-definition displays in favor of 4K UHD displays with support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Color Gamut (WCG). Live web streaming and broadcasting have also begun the transition to 4K UHD, further speeding up the spread of the format.

In-Studio Solutions

Ross has the right tools for studio settings to engage and enhance your storytelling.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The Ross workflow can optimize your system and advise you on how to get more out of efficient designs with the latest studio technology.

Fully Customized

Leverage every inch in your small, medium, or large studio spaces with custom Ross solutions.

From camera lenses to users’ screens, the UHD signal path should be assured and preserved. In the last few years, over 60% of all purchased TV sets have been UHD capable. In many regions, the availability of UHD content is far behind the technical readiness to enjoy UHD. Therefore, there is a demand for UHD content, and audiences would like to experience the same picture quality at home as they saw in the TV showroom.

Offering the biggest successes in streaming, VOD platforms, conference centers, and corporate materials, UHD is having significant success and continues to grow. Knowing that it would be difficult to close complete UHD chains at once, many broadcasters predicted that UHD would be the future standard. Apart from Ultrix, which could be the heart of any UHD setup, Ross Video has 12G video switchers with up to 4ME.

Using powerful audio processing with MADI or AES67 (adding Iggy) removes the need for 12G embedders and de-embedders. Some countries may follow South Korea’s lead and subsidize the transition to UHD and ATSC 3.0. With its exceptional processing power, sampling rate conversion, audio delay option, and gearbox (2SI and QSD), Gator Toolbox is a universal toolkit that adds flexibility to every UHD setup.

With HDR systems, the equipment passes HDR information from input to output without examining the bits inside, especially with HLG, where no metadata is required. The most significant change is in encoders and decoders, along with applied codecs, where they work with 10-bits compared to 8-bit signals.


End to End Solution

Ross Video’s 4K UHD solutions provide you with the right tools for studio settings to engage and enhance your storytelling.


CG & Graphics System


  • Single Link UHD over 12Gb/s SDI
  • 1x 12G SDI Fill / Key Output
  • 4 RU / 1 RU Versions
  • Hardware works with XPN Prime & Studio


  • UHD Quadlink 2SI – 1x Fill / Key Output
  • 4RU / 2RU / 1RU
  • Hardware works with XPN Prime & Studio


  • HDR & WCG Support

Mira + | Tria +

Replay and Production Servers

Mira Replay

  • 4 / 8 /12 Channel HD Play or Record
  • Up to 3 UHD Quadlink 2SI Bi-directional channels
  • 10Bit Record and Playback for HDR Support

Tria Production Server

  • 4 / 8 / 12 Channel HD Play or Record
  • Up to 3 UHD Quadlink 2SI Outputs
  • 10Bit Record and Playback for HDR Support
  • Tria+UHD 2x Bi-Directional 12G


Signal Processing

  • 8900 Series 12G Distribution
  • GATOR-TOOLBOX – Up/Down/Cross with HDR Conversion with 3d
  • LUTs & Standards Conversion
  • GATOR-SYNC 4-Channel UHD Frame Sync
  • SRG-4500 Timing and UHD Test Generator


UHD Routing Platform

  • 16x-160x UHD Routing
  • 12Gb/s 10-Bit Video Routing
  • Advanced Audio Embedding/De-embedding and Processing
  • Video Clean/Quiet Switching
  • Up to 27x Multiviewers
  • UHD Gearboxing
  • 3G Frame Syncs on Every Input
  • 12G Frame Syncs on Select Inputs
  • Up to 27 12G Frame Syncs

Ultrix Acuity

Software Defined Production Engine

  • Software Defined Production Engine Replaces Ultrix I/O with Acuity MEs
  • Up to 4MEs | 6 Keyers per ME
  • 6x 2D DVEs | 2x Chroma Keyers per ME
  • 2 PV | 4 PGMs per ME
  • 4 Media Stores with Alpha per ME
  • Full 12G Single Link
  • Supports All Ultrix Defined Features
  • Only Supported in Ultrix 5RU Frame
  • 4ME = 88 Inputs x 88 Outputs (more I/O with less MEs)

Ultrix Carbonite

Software Defined Production Engine

  • Software Defined Production Engine Replaces Ultrix I/O with
  • Carbonite Production Switcher
  • 2 ME + 2 MiniME UHD
  • 22 In HD/12G | 22 Out HD/12G
  • 6x 2D DVE System-wide
  • 2x Chroma Keyers system-wide
  • 1x UHD Multiviewer
  • SDR to HDR Conversion


Master Control Switcher

  • Full Single Link 12G Support
  • Software Defined Features
  • 2 External Keyer Inputs
  • 2 Internal Keyers with Media Store
  • 1x 2D DVE for Squeeze Back
  • AES Inputs for VO and EAS Tone
  • Compact 2 Slot Version Available without AES
  • Pairs Perfectly with Ultrix

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Featured Case Study

Ross Video supports CCTV’s UHD “Mission to the Moon”

China’s CCTV network broadcast “Mission to The Moon”, a series of five, thirty minute scientific documentaries commissioned to coincide with China’s lunar exploration mission that saw the first soft landing of a spacecraft –

the Chang’e 4 – on the far side of the Moon. The series, created by CCTV-10, examined the structure of our nearest celestial neighbour and analysed the relationship between the Earth and the Moon using some highly innovative and immersive effects.

In order to help meet their creative, business and technology challenges, CCTV partnered with Ross Video who provided a complete UHD 12G workflow solution to support the filming of the series. Key product highlights include the Furio camera motion system, helping the production team get highly dynamic and creative camera moves, the Ultrix-FR5, which handled the routing and AV processing, an Acuity 12G flagship production switcher, Mira Replay Server, and three of Ross Video’s new Voyager graphics rendering engines to help create hyper-realistic and highly immersive graphics on the screen. The whole production was also tied together by the OverDrive production automation system from Ross to ensure consistent and repeatable results.

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