Newsroom Workflows

Designed for the relentless demands of the world’s busiest 24/7 newsrooms, Ross Newsroom Workflows yields powerful synergies and efficiencies to ensure you are the first to deliver breaking news to your audience without skipping a beat.

From planning to execution to playout, every part moves in sync, accelerating your creative process and simplifying your life.

Whether you seek an all-in-one platform that integrates seamlessly with your existing workflow or building from the ground up, we have solutions that meet your needs.


Rely on Ross’ half-century expertise and battle-hardened technologies to empower your growth with increased peace of mind.


Be first to break the news with tools and solutions that make your team more efficient and get the job done quickly and consistently.


The industry’s most comprehensive product portfolio offers a wide range of options and possibilities, with the undisputed benefit of knowing it all works seamlessly.

Supercharged Control Room 

Enjoy unprecedented ingest and playout flexibility, combined with seamlessly integrated real-time 3D graphics and powerful automation using Media I/O, XPression and OverDrive.

Advanced Studio Technology

Elevate your storytelling with advanced in-studio graphics, Augmented Reality and Virtual LEDs, powered by dynamic motion from Robotic Camera Systems.

Story-Centric Editorial

Connect your newsroom and content creators worldwide with a fully integrated, web-based, and story-centric workflow using our Inception Newsroom Computer System and Streamline Pro Media Asset Management platforms.

Case Study

Red Bull / Servus TV

Based in the picturesque city of Salzburg, Austria, Servus TV is the prominent private broadcast entity in the region.

Since 2020, they have been working from their state-of-the-art studio shared with Red Bull Media, which they affectionately call their “broadcast competence center.”

Read the full Case Study >

Whether it’s on-prem, cloud, hybrid, it doesn’t matter. Any kind of solutions that we are asking for, be it CapEx or OpEx, Ross can provide, which is one of the biggest advantages for us right now.

Fabian Dorschel
Red Bull Global Head of Media & IT

End to End Solution

With the industry’s widest range of news production products, Ross can offer a variety of configurations to empower any size newsroom, from the smallest start-ups to global enterprise operations.

Product Line-up


Newsroom Computer System

  • Newsroom Editorial System
  • Browser Based
  • On Prem or Cloud
  • Mobile App
  • CueScript Partner
  • Full MOS Support
  • HTML5 Support

Streamline Pro

Media Asset Management

  • Organize assets for graphics and video production
  • Search, download and edit assets with NLEs
  • Quickly create sequences in a web browser with Rough Cuts
  • Access live ingesting feeds from Media I/O directly in a web browser
  • Fulfill Inception placeholders from MAM
  • Virtualize the full platform or host in a private cloud


Automated Production Control

  • Advanced Device Control
  • Full MOS Integration
  • HTML5 Plugin


Real-Time Motion Graphics

  • XPression CG
  • XPression Maps
  • XPression Tessera
  • XPression Clips
  • XPression NLE
  • Lucid / Voyager Gateway

Lucid / Voyager

Hyper Realistic Unreal Render Engine

  • AR / VR / XR
  • MOS Integration via XPression Gateway


Ingest and Playout Server

  • Built for speed and News Production
  • Highly flexible broadcast codec support
  • VDCP control support
  • Schedule ingests of feeds
  • Playout with MOS rundowns
  • SDI, NDI and SRT support
  • Record and Playout directly from shared storage
  • Virtualization Ready

Camera Motion Systems

Camera Systems

  • Wide range of PT / PTL / XY Peds and Tracked systems
  • Unified Smart Shell Control System
  • Motion Director live correction during recalls
  • Fully integrated into OverDrive
  • Vision[ai]ry: AI – Based Facial tracking and Recognition System

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