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Software Maintenance

RossCare: Software Maintenance

With RossCare software maintenance extended coverage, you can ensure that your software and systems stay current. This includes updates, bug fixes, patches, and modifications, as well as new feature sets– typically to increase performance or create a more intuitive customer experience. For on-premises and perpetually owned software, software maintenance fees are paid on an annual basis, and allow clients to stay up to date.

The development teams at Ross are continually working on enhancements to our products. These enhancements can target critical bug fixes or incremental feature improvements, inspired by customer-driven feature requests and feedback. By ensuring your software maintenance is up to date, you receive access to all Major & Minor version releases.

Since Ross products often integrate with third-party platforms (data providers, social media platforms, other production technology components etc.), we must also respond to changes that may be implemented by those third parties on their respective products.

The changes third parties make can sometimes adversely affect our products’ function, which may see fixes rolled out in a new major release. Without being up to date on software maintenance, customers risk seeing downtime due to missed critical updates.

If you engage with our professional services team (Rocket Surgery), staying up to date with the latest software versions allows that team to execute your creative vision using the latest tools, ultimately creating a more dynamic, efficient, and reliable production.

This ongoing effort to design to new standards ensures that our products continue to lead the industry in feature set and ensures that products already deployed in the field continue to function, even when issues arise outside of our control.

Our Software Maintenance program is offered at one fixed annual fee, regardless of the number of updates you choose to acquire. Commit to a multi-year agreement and receive further discounts on your program subscription. Budgeting to ensure your technology is up to date and running like new has never been easier.