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Competitive Gaming

Production for the virtual world

With a projected fan base of 500 million people and US$1B in spending by 2020, eSports leagues and tournaments are big business and getting bigger with 22% year-over-year growth.1

Is your production up to the competitive gaming challenge?

Keep viewers, subscribers, and spectators on the “edge of their seats” with an immersive hyper-realistic gaming experience. Bring game characters to life with unprecedented realism.

Put your production a league above

Bring virtual players to life
Leverage the power of game engine rendering technology to give virtual characters “life” complete with particle systems, dynamic textures, live reflections and shadows, and collision detection.

Make the virtual world real with hyper-realistic imagery
Get superior high realism scenery with effects such as rain drops, fire, live shadows and reflections, lens flares, and dynamic highlights.

Grow your gaming community and reach
Access players and spectators around the globe with full day game-day coverage.

Increase fan engagement
Offer play-by-play analysis, player stats, and replays along with full social media integration.

Access gaming venues of all shapes and sizes
From tournaments to sold out arenas, delight both onsite attendees and global audiences with engaging content on their screen of choice.

ESL Gaming Success Story

ESL Gaming uses Carbonite Black vision mixer, XPression motion graphics, openGear signal processing, and DashBoard control to produce exciting digital content from the world of competitive gaming.

Engage the virtual world with broadcast quality production from Ross

Game Rendering Engine Technology Optimized for Virtual Studio Use

  • Realize full game developer creative freedom with hyper-realistic rendering quality.
  • Create complex graphical elements quickly and easily with unprecedented realism.

Dynamic Real-time Graphics & Interactive Content

  • Display and update pertinent player and details including dynamic content in real time.

Multi-site Streaming

  • Reach local and remote players and spectators easily and effectively.


  • All-in-one production solution with unified device control of robotic cameras, microphone systems, and graphics. that is easy to set up and intuitive to use.

Proven & Risk-free

  • Implement an integrated solution from one vendor.
  • Access Ross’ award-winning 24/7/365 customer support.

eSports Success Story

China is an eSports powerhouse with more than 250 million fans and the most top competitors and professional teams including the League of Legends, which is co-sponsored by Riot Games. With fierce competition for fans, teams, tournaments, and sponsors, China is also a leader in the sophistication of eSports infrastructure and venues. And, as the eSports fan base continues to grow exponentially, live tournament broadcasts are increasingly popular.

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