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Production for the virtual world

The esports world has exploded, as have the scale and demands of productions supporting this major industry. Working closely with leading esports companies, Ross is pioneering the development of unique esports oriented production solutions. Whether online battles, small venue, or full arenas, Ross offers esports solutions to fit them all.

Put your production a league above

Bring the sizzle
Deliver the excitement and experience of the game to your viewers with a world class production. Captivate fans with game characters and environments brought to life through augmented reality and virtual sets. Ross brings the best of live sports and broadcast production technology to the task of putting on an amazing esports event.

Unify the production
Bring the operation all together with a tightly integrated workflow. Ross solutions provide more efficient use of equipment and simplified operation supporting the key elements you need including Shoutcaster, Player Pods, Observer Rooms, Player Streams, Front of House screens and Broadcast & Streaming outputs. Our esports- optimized DashBoard control panels automate workflow, offering simplified customized operation in the exact places you need it.

Choose a great partner
Ross technology has a proven track record of product performance in the most demanding live production applications gained from over 45 years of experience. Well known for top-notch technical support, you can count on Ross to be there when you need it most.

Clash Royale Success Story

Cameron Reed, Ross’ epsorts Business Development Manager, takes us behind the scenes of one of the top esports events on the calendar. Learn how Ross powered the end-to-end production of the 2019 Clash Royale World Finals.

Engage the virtual world with broadcast quality production from Ross

Game Rendering Engine Technology Optimized for Virtual Studio Use

  • Realize full game developer creative freedom with hyper-realistic rendering quality.
  • Create complex graphical elements quickly and easily with unprecedented realism.

Dynamic Real-time Graphics & Interactive Content

  • Display and update pertinent player and details including dynamic content in real time.

Multi-site Streaming

  • Reach local and remote players and spectators easily and effectively.


  • All-in-one production solution with unified device control of robotic cameras, microphone systems, and graphics. that is easy to set up and intuitive to use.

Proven & Risk-free

  • Implement an integrated solution from one vendor.
  • Access Ross’ award-winning 24/7/365 customer support.
End-to-end Solution

Facility Control System

  • Runs on any PC on the network
  • Build easy to use Touch Screen based custom workflows for any
  • Control and monitor all Ross Gear
  • Ross purchased panels for robust turnkey applications
  • Learn more…

XPression 3D Motion Graphics

  • Insert Graphics | Multi-Engine Canvas | Live Telestrator
  • Quick recall of data backed graphics
  • Learn more…

Voyager Graphics Rendering Engine

  • Live Unreal engine for broadcast use
  • Full augmented reality when paired with tracking data and UX virtual
    control system
  • Learn more…

Mira Replay Servers

  • Feature rich, intuitive operation
  • Dual user configurations
  • Playback over network on multiple Mira’s
  • 1080p native | Super slow mo
  • Learn more…

Tria Production Server

  • Lightning fast clip recalls
  • Robust hardware
  • Multiple codec support
  • Learn more…

16x – 144x UHD Routing Platform

  • Up to 144×144
  • Full MADI audio integration
  • 12G, 6G, 3G, HD or SD
  • Embed any audio to any output | Useful for individual player streams
  • Optional 3G frame syncs on every input
  • Clean / quiet switch on every output
  • Non-blocking MultiViewer with up to 100 PIPs per head
  • Learn more…

Acuity Production Switcher

  • LargeI/Oandupto8ME’s
  • Superior device control & automation
  • Supports up to 9 panels per frame
  • Learn more…

Carbonite Production Switcher

  • Mosaic: Large screen display processor
  • Solo: Compact, cost effective small switcher with HDMI inputs &
    built in frame syncs
  • Learn more…

Esports Success Story

China is an esports powerhouse with more than 250 million fans and the most top competitors and professional teams including the League of Legends, which is co-sponsored by Riot Games. With fierce competition for fans, teams, tournaments, and sponsors, China is also a leader in the sophistication of esports infrastructure and venues. And, as the esports fan base continues to grow exponentially, live tournament broadcasts are increasingly popular.

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