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Tesseract Esports (2021)

Based in Hyderabad, India, Tesseract Esports is a leading independent esports production house that produces events of all scales for game developers, publishers, brands and sporting organizations. Founded in 2015,

Tesseract was one of the first production houses to produce large-scale esports events in India, paving the way for the growth of esports in the country. Tesseract has been developing the esports scene in South and Southeast Asia and was the first company to introduce mobile esports to the region.

The Challenge

With Tesseract’s 2021 event calendar filling up and pressure on their facility growing, their production solutions were struggling to keep up. Tesseract was using several different production solutions, and these came with limitations, including reliability problems and challenges when scaling production sizes. The team decided it was time to upgrade and began their search for a solution that would provide real-time, data-driven graphics and unified control for multiple systems, including switching, audio, and triggering graphics. On top of that, Tesseract was looking to improve product reliability, boost scalability and keep CapEx expenditure under control. With a production facility made up of six studios and four control rooms, Tesseract needed a solution that would allow them to keep everything connected.

The Solution

When evaluating different solutions, Tesseract turned to Ross. “We have designed and organized over 200 tournaments and events since we started the company,” comments Gowtham Reddy, Founder and CEO at Tesseract Esports. “When you are working at that kind of pace, you need production solutions that perform, are reliable and are easy to use. As our production needs have grown and changed, we’ve increasingly had to worry about interoperability and reliability, and that’s not where we want to be. It became obvious we needed to make some changes to our workflows, and so we called Ross to get their advice.” After discussing their needs with Ross, Tesseract made the decision to replace their existing equipment with a Ross solution which included the Carbonite Ultra production switcher, Ultrix router, XPression graphics system, and openGear infrastructure platform. To provide full control and tie the whole project together, the solution also included the DashBoard facility control system.

The Impact

Overall, Gowtham Reddy and his team are very happy with the solution. “After adopting Ross products, we were able to overcome all our challenges and achieve more. We work on largescale esports productions, so reliability is of paramount importance to us, and Ross products have proven to be of rock-solid reliability.”

The solution has been ideal for Tesseract’s work on large events. “Carbonite Ultra has multiple MEs which allow us to produce up to four languages using one Ultra frame,” says Amit Daftary, Sales Director, SAARC at Ross. On top of that, Carbonite Ultra’s audio mixer is the perfect fit for esports. “Esports production requires AFV for observer feeds, so we can bring audio into the Carbonite Ultra and use the AFV function. Without this inbuilt functionality, we would either have to use a software-based switcher with audio functionality or an external audio mixer with GPIO, both of which would only complicate the workflow and add to the number of possible failure points. Ross understands customer value and workflow simplification, and that’s been immensely helpful.” Ultrix has also been a major boon to Tesseract’s production workflow, as it provides the team with the flexibility to control any studio from any production control room.

Esports titles generate a lot of live data, and Tesseract’s data processing capabilities have been greatly improved thanks to XPression, notes Mark Cooke, Director of Sales, Asia at Ross. “At times, we are showing dead or alive statuses of up to 64 players, their various stats, live kills and so on, all in real-time. With XPression DataLinq, we were able to integrate game API directly with limited development required. And the way that XPression CG handles such large amounts of data in milliseconds is simply phenomenal!”

While the entire solution has improved Tesseract’s workflow, the DashBoard control system, in particular, has been a game-changer, according to Reddy, “Prior to using Ross products, we had different operators controlling each of the control surfaces and equipment. Now, we have completely moved to a touchbased control interface to leverage DashBoard’s feature set. We only have one operator for switching video feeds, controlling audio and triggering graphics.”

With the rest of 2021 looking extremely busy and events already being planned for 2022, Reddy and the team at Tesseract is full of confidence: “We’re in great shape now. We’ve got rock-solid solutions from Ross that are easy to use, our workflows are far more efficient and we’re ready to scale for the future. The presales and technical support from Ross has been fantastic and we really couldn’t be happier.”

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