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Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies is an educational institution that provides specialty courses in Games, Esports, Film, TV, Media, Events, and Music.

As part of Nottingham Trent University and Nottingham’s Confetti Media Group, the institute has earned a reputation for excellence in creative media education. The campus houses state-of-the-art creative media technology studios and and over 2,000 students.

In 2022, the Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies launched a BSc (Hons) Esports Production degree, facilitated at their pioneering new 14,000 sq ft. Confetti X Esports complex. This cutting-edge esports facility has been thoughtfully designed to provide students with the opportunity to explore esports production and other emerging technologies.

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The Challenge

Designing an esports production facility within a university setting posed a variety of challenges. As an ‘Esports-first facility’, the venue needed a production system that was flexible enough to support the unique requirements of a range of games.

For example, executing live events around a mobile game, versus a sports game, versus an action or adventure game can vary considerably.

Another challenge was preparing Confetti X students for real-world success. It was imperative to equip them with hands-on experience using industry-grade production equipment so that they could seamlessly transition into their careers after graduation.

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The Solution

To meet the unique challenge of producing events around a wide range of esports titles while also providing students with industry-leading broadcast tools, Confetti X installed a comprehensive solution from Ross.

From hyperconverged production switchers, real-time motion graphics, replay systems, signal processing gear, and camera robotics, these tools are seamlessly integrated using the RossTalk protocol, ensuring a highly flexible and streamlined operation.

Designing an esports production turn-key solution comes with many challenges. What we discovered worked really well was engaging with the Ross Video team to provide us with on-site trainining so we had enough hands-on time with the tech to come up with solutions that are unique to our space.

Gin Rai
Head of Esports – Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies

The core elements of the Ross Video solution at Confetti X include:

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The Impact

The implementation of Ross Video’s solution has significantly expanded Confetti X’s esports production capabilities, enabling them to seamlessly produce several major industry events, including the finals of the prestigious Amazon University Esports Masters.

Moreover, the integration of Ross products has streamlined the workflow at Confetti X, unifying the control of LED displays, videoboards, camera robotic systems, lighting, music, and more into a single video production system. With the help of a custom DashBoard panel, the Confetti X team can now control their full suite of Ross and third-party products in a single platform, opening the door to a new world of creative possibilities. 

By providing students with access to industry-grade production equipment and a versatile video production system, Confetti X is nurturing the creativity of the next generation of video production professionals, ensuring they are well-prepared to excel after graduation. The success of the Confetti X Esports complex sets a benchmark for other educational institutions looking to embrace cutting-edge technologies and enhance creative media education. 

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