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Truist Park



Home to the Atlanta Braves of Major League Baseball (MLB), Truist Park is a state-of-the-art baseball stadium and is considered the centerpiece of the Battery Atlanta entertainment district.

Featuring an HD videoboard in center field and a complement of LED boards throughout the stadium and entertainment district, Truist Park and the Battery Atlanta offer an immersive video experience for visitors while not detracting from the on-field action on game days.

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The Challenge

With over 32 LED displays and several mechanical devices surrounding the park, the BravesVision team needed an all-encompassing venue control system to seamlessly trigger every display and device while simultaneously integrating closed captioning and emergency messaging.

The system also required a 24/7/365 scheduling application stemming from a centralized production control room to drive every aspect of the venue experience, including LED displays, audio, lighting, and mechanical features throughout the district.

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The Solution

With the launch of the XPression Tessera graphics designer and controller system in 2016, the BravesVision team landed on a solution that could drive the multitude of displays at the ballpark and surrounding entertainment spaces.

With the tight integration between XPression Tessera and the full complement of control room technology from Ross, Truist Park became the first venue in Major League Baseball to deploy a complete Unified Venue Control solution from Ross.

Content for all 32 LED screens at Truist Park is rendered in real-time and is pixel-accurate using eight channels of the XPression real-time motion graphics system.

Ross has given us the creative edge needed to raise the bar in the Professional Sports Game Presentation industry, while driving new efficiencies through tools like 3D rendering on-the-fly and the DashBoard control systems. But one of their greatest strengths lies in the quality of their customer service. We are very happy with our decision to go with Ross for our workflow solution.

Scott Cunningham
Vice-President of Fan Experience with Atlanta Braves

The core Ross components of the Production Control Room include:

  • Acuity Production Switcher
  • XPression for Broadcast Graphics
  • Ultrix Routing Platform
  • Mira+ Replay System
  • Inception Social Media Management System
On the Display Control side, the components include:
  • DashBoard
  • XPression Tessera

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The Impact

Truist Park and the surrounding Battery Atlanta are unique in that both the stadium and entertainment space were designed in concert, including the video experience throughout the entire district. Every screen and mechanical feature inside and outside of the stadium can be managed through the stadium’s production control room at the press of a button.

With custom DashBoard control panels, operators at Truist Park can seamlessly drive XPression Tessera’s LED display engines, four high-pressure water cannons, a giant mechanical sign, field and accent LED lighting systems, an LED tomahawk lighting fixture, and audio playback. To handle the 24/7/365 scheduling needs, a custom application was also developed to run on DashBoard.

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