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Third Party Router Interface
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The NK-3RD Third Party Router Interface enables a third-party control system to control an NK Series routing system using the Pro Bel SW-P-08 or the Grass Valley Jupiter ESswtich protocol.

Using this protocol, an NK Series router can emulate a Probel router or interface to Grass Valley products via ESswitch (limited to crosspoint switching and crosspoint status / tally requests), allowing control of the NK Series router via a third-party automation system.


  • Enables third-party control via
    – Pro Bel SW-P-08
    – GrassValley GVG-7000
    – Jupiter ESswitch
  • Works with any NK Series router
  • Supports crosspoint switch commands
  • Supports crosspoint status requests
  • Up to 1,024 outputs can be controlled
  • Up to 1,024 inputs can be controlled
  • Supports up to 16 levels
  • Matrix number configurable up to 16

  • Virtual routing supported (requires NK-VRC)
  • Firmware upgradeable via DashBoard Control System
  • Easy configuration
  • Front panel status indicators
  • Universal power supply included
  • Optional redundant power
  • 5-year transferable warranty

NK-3RD Third Party Router Interface

NK-3RD External Redundant Power
NK-P1 Spare or Redundant, 50W, +15V External Power Supply
NK-DRY Y Cable for two NK-P1 External Power Supplies

NK-3RD Rack Mount Redundant Power
NK-RP1/P Rack Mount, 1RU, 100W, +15V Redundant Power Supply
NK-D12/P NK-RP1/P Power Supply Cable for NK-3RD

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