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The NK-RP1 offers a reliable, fault tolerant and fail-safe option for NK Series routers and peripheral devices. The NK-RP1 supplies redundant power for up to 4 routers and devices for a total power consumption of 100 watts. The NK-RP1 provides GPI outputs to indicate alarms, in the event a power supply has failed.

The heartbeat LED on the front of the unit also blinks if a PSU has failed. During normal operation, the design of the NK-RP1 enables balancing of the power load, delivering high reliability to all connected routers and devices.

When configured as a dual redundant positive and negative power supply, the NK-RP1 has greater than 80% efficiency as a negative power source, providing both efficient and low-temperature operation.

The NK-RP1 comes standard as a positive power rail supply. A negative power rail option may be installed as an upgrade by simply removing the front panel and inserting the NK-RP1-NEG option card (required for NK-A16/32 and NK-V16/32 router levels).

Performance NK-RP1
Inputs: 100 to 240 V @ 1.5 A (47 to 63 Hz)
Positive Output: +15 V @ 6.67 A (100W)
Negative Output: -15 V @ 3.33 A (optional)
Maximum Total Output: 100W
Relative +/- Output see table below
General NK-RP1
On-Board Cooling: 2x 4.0cm fans
Dimensions: 1RU x 19.0cm deep

Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

Relative + / – Power Output

  Power Distribution (watts)
Positive Power: 100 90 80 70 60 50 40
Negative Power: 0 8.4 16.8 25.2 33.6 42 50

  • Fault tolerant NK power supply option
  • Supplies redundant power for up to 4 routers or devices
  • GPI alarm output
  • Front access for easy module replacement
  • 1-year transferable warranty

Supported Devices

  • All NK 16, 32, 34, 64 and 72 routers
  • NK-IPS Network Bridge
  • NK-VRC Virtual Routing Core


  • All NK-164 routers
  • All NK-16 routers
  • All NK-32 routers
  • All NK-34 routers
  • NK-IPS Network Bridge
  • NK-VRC Virtual Routing Core
  • NK-3RD Third Party Router Interface

Neutrik Speakon®:

  • All NK-64 routers
  • All NK-72 routers

NK-RP1/P NK Series Dual Redundant Power Supply, +15 Volt (100W)
NK-RP1/PN NK Series Dual Redundant Power Supply, +/-15 Volt (100W)
NK-RP1-NEG 15 Volt regulator module for NK-RP1/P (50W max)
NK-D12/PN PSU cable for NK-RP1/PN, 1.2m, 9-pin D connector, +/-15 Volt
NK-S12/P PSU cable for NK-RP1/PN, 1.2m, Speakon connector, +15 Volt

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