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The NK-VRC Virtual Routing Core adds virtual routing and resource management to any NK Series Routing System. Virtual routing and resource management is an important requirement in larger routing systems, especially those with multiple levels.

Virtual routing provides the ability to assign physical sources and destinations to virtual sources and destinations. Without the NK-VRC, tied switching of sources and destinations will always switch the same physical inputs and outputs across multiple routers. The NK-VRC enables a more flexible setup where the sources and destinations do not have to be identically connected across multiple levels.

Additionally, the NK-VRC enables resource management or path finding in an NK Series Routing System. Resource management enables routing of signals between different router types (such as analog and digital). This is done by using resources to convert between one format to another (such as an analog to digital converter).

Resource management simplifies the operation of a router system by routing signals through a resource from one router to another, without having the user know which source and destination the resource is connected to. Once configured, the system will be able to automatically find the path between routers.

Multiple resources can be managed to enable more than one signal path between routers.


Example #1

In this configuration, the 3G / HD / SD SDI router has a mix of HD and SD SDI sources and HD SDI outputs only. Using Resource Management, SD SDI sources will be automatically upconvert using an external up converting resource. HD SDI sources will be routed internally and not use the resource.

Multiple resources can be managed to support multiple simultaneous conversions.

Example #2

In this configuration, the digital audio router can select any of the sources on the analog audio router and vice versa. Conversions between analog and digital is handled using external openGear® resources. The NK-VRC automatically handles the routing to and from the resources between the two router levels.

Multiple resources can be managed to support multiple links between routers.

  • Virtual routing controller Provides virtual routing and resource management for any NK Series Routing System
  • Allows physical sources and destinations to be mapped virtually
  • Manages routing of signals between different router levels using external resources
  • 1,000 virtual input mappings
  • 1,000 virtual output mappings

  • Front panel status indicators
  • Universal power supply included
  • Requires DashBoard Control System
  • Optional redundant power
  • 1-year transferable warranty

NK-VRC Virtual Routing Core Device

NK-VRC External Redundant Power
Spare or Redundant, 50W, +15V External Power Supply
Y Cable for two NK-P1 External Power Supplies

NK-VRC Rack Mount Redundant Power
Rack Mount, 1RU, 100W, +15V Redundant Power Supply
NK-RP1/P Power Supply Cable for NK-VRC

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