Gator Toolbox 4K UHD Signal Conversion Problem Solver

GATOR Toolbox

4K UHD Signal Conversion Problem Solver

All-in-one UHD up/down/cross, HDR conversion, standards conversion, frame synchronization for UHD workflows over 12G-SDI.

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Gator Toolbox is your easy-to-use and comprehensive UHD signal conversion problem solver in a modular openGear form factor. The Gator Toolbox delivers peace of mind, by addressing your signal conversion needs in broadcast, production, and live event workflows where low latency and quality UHD, HDR, & WCG are required. At its core, GATOR-TOOLBOX provides a high-quality motion-adaptive format converter with optional frame-rate standards conversion.

The Gator Toolbox is meant for the discerning audio/video production professional looking for quality, reliability and the confidence to be able to easily adapt any incoming signal to the needs of their broadcast, production, or live event UHD workflow. Intuitively control multiple Gator UHD Toolbox cards with a single Ultritouch system control and monitoring touch panel, available in a rackmount 2RU form factor.

Gator Toolbox is the business solution of choice because it offers UHD high-density processing at highly competitive price.

Gator Toolbox solves any-to-any conversion problems!

  • In mobile applications, confidently handle any signal with ease – Gator Toolbox welcomes the unexpected!
  • In ingest applications, a feed may come in as 720p50, SDR/BT.709, but the production is 2160p59.94, HDR/WCG
  • In transmission applications, down-convert from UHD to any format
  • For international feeds, easily provide format and standards conversion!
  • Intuitive control and monitoring via Dashboard™ and Ultritouch™ Smart Panel
  • Backed by legendary Ross Support

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High-density design – Up to 10 cards per oGX frame

  • HD / 3G / 6G / 12G-SDI In and out
  • Single link / SQD / 2SI in and out
  • 4 GPIO
  • Reference input
  • HD / 3G / 6G / 12G Single-mode Fiber (optional)
  • Input failover switching

Supported Video formats

  • 2160p @ 23.98/24/25/29.97/30/50/59.94/60
  • 1080p @ 23.98/24/25/29.97/30/50/59.94/60
  • 1080i @ 50/59.94/60
  • 720p @ 50/59.94/60

Audio Processing

  • Audio processing support (sum, gain, mute, tone, SRC)
  • Full audio shuffle 128×128
  • Dolby® pass-through
  • AES Audio Embedding / De-embedding (optional)

Ancillary Data Processing

  • ST 352 VPID Insertion and override
  • Ancillary data pass / delete / re-map

High quality linear motion adaptive video processing

  • High-quality Up / Down / Cross Conversion
    – Advanced motion-adaptive deinterlacing
    – Cadence detection
    – Detail enhancement
  • Optional linear frame-rate Standards Conversion
  • Frame synchronizer
  • Quad-link gearbox in and out: 2SI and SQD

Color Correction and HDR Processing

  • HDR EOTF remapping (PQ / HLG / SLOG3 / SDR)
  • 709 / BT.2020 WCG conversion
  • Optional 3D-LUT HDR transforms (NBCU / BBC / user custom)
  • RGB color correctors / proc amps
  • Test pattern generation


  • Full configuration, setup and monitoring via DashBoard™
  • Control via Ultritouch support
  • Presets support up to 8 configurations

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Gator-Toolbox can be used in live studio, mobile or venue production where mixed signal types are expected. Accommodate mistimed signals, different resolutions, frame rates or color space seamlessly to conform incoming and outgoing feeds to your production needs.


Featuring powerful 3D-LUT processing, GATOR-TOOLBOX offers the flexibility to support advanced HDR workflows with high-quality tone-mapping allowing you to provide exceptional HDR and SDR content.



Order Code Description
GATOR-TOOLBOX-2-R4 Gator Toolbox card with 2-slot rear module
SDI 4-in/1-out or 1-in/4-out
No discrete audio
View Rear Module
GATOR-TOOLBOX-2F-R4F Gator Toolbox card with 2-slot rear module
SDI 4-in/1-out or 1-in/4-out
Fiber 1-in/1-out (SFP not included)
No discrete audio
View Rear Module
GATOR-TOOLBOX-4A-R3A Gator Toolbox card with 4-slot rear module
SDI 4-in/1-out or 1-in/4-out
8 Unbalanced AES
View Rear Module
GATOR-TOOLBOX-4B-R3B Gator Toolbox card with 4-slot rear module
SDI 4-in/1-out or 1-in/4-out
8 Balanced AES
View Rear Module
GATOR-TOOLBOX-12G-LICENSE License adds UHD support to GATOR-TOOLBOX. Includes 12G-SDI, 6G-SDI 2SI and SQD Quad 3G-SDI interface support.
GATOR-TOOLBOX-HDR-LUT-LICENSE Adds support for 3D lookup tables (3D LUT) for HDR and WCG conversion. Includes BBC and NBCU LUT packages. Supports loading of user LUTs (Type I and III cube files).
GATOR-FRC-LICENSE Frame Rate Conversion software license for GATOR-TOOLBOX
SFP-FIBER-12G Single-mode SFP module for GATOR-TOOLBOX-2F-R4F. Supports HD / 3G / 6G / 12G-SDI signal formats.
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Gator Toolbox Solution Brief Download


Format Conversion

Up, down and cross conversion for HD and UHD 4K. Featuring advanced de-interlacing and motion-adaptive scaling for impactful results.

HDR Mapping

Seamlessly adapt between SDR, PQ, HLG and SLog3 workflows. Deal with 709 and 2020 wide-color gamut with ease.

Standards Conversion

Effective motion-adaptive frame-rate conversion in UHD and HD at a fraction of price of motion compensated converters.

Frame Sync

Keep your video in line. Handle asynchronous feeds and adjust timing.

Color Correction

Whether tuning for on-set monitors or correcting an incoming feed, proc amp and RGB color correction tools get your image looking right.


Easily mix and match 12G-SDI with legacy quad-link systems.

Audio Processing

Managing Audio is a critical part of any production workflow. Adjust Gain, phase, delay and channel shuffle.

Audio Embedding

Embed, de-embed (or both!) discrete AES into your HD or UHD signal, with your choice of 75Ω unbalanced or 110Ω balanced interfaces. Paired with Gator’s flexible audio processing and shuffling, you can tame your audio.


In addition to HD-SDI and 12G-SDI copper interfaces, Gator-Toolbox can also receive or send your signals over fiber for longer-reach runs. You can mix and match fiber, 12G-SDI, Quad 2SI or SQD to meet your signal interface needs.