November 25, 2021 - Ross Video Team, Ross News

Tech Talk Recap – X-Series and PTZ – Compact and Powerful Remote Camera Solutions

Ross Video’s Camera Motion Systems recently hosted an online Tech Talk event that went in-depth on three new products: the X-Series pan and tilt heads, the PTZ 4K/60 camera, and the Monogram Creative Console control system. Product Manager Bruce Takasaki did a deep dive on the three products, explained how they’re ideal for remote camera applications, and demonstrated how they are perfect for customers in markets like corporate, legislative, worship, and more.

If you missed the session, you can click here to watch the full event on-demand.

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Session Highlights


The Tech Talk started by highlighting the X300 and X350, a pair of compact, quiet and robust pan and tilt heads that are perfect for applications where the quality, flexibility, and performance of a discrete head / camera / lens solution is required. The X-Series heads fit in a wide variety of applications, from meeting rooms and presentations spaces, auditoriums and concert halls, legislatures and houses of worship, to studios and newsrooms – just about any application where a prompter is not required.


Next up, the session showcased the new Ross PTZ-12G and PTZ-NDI, which deliver all of the high-end features of a UHD pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera within a reasonable production budget. This 4K/60 camera has 30x optical zoom and is perfect for live broadcasts in houses of worship, corporate board rooms, auditoriums, classrooms, and TV studios. The result is a high-performance PTZ camera that is easier to deploy, integrate, and operate than anything before in its class.

Monogram Creative Console

To round things out, the third new product featured in the session was the Creative Console from Monogram. This modular, configurable USB control surface offers a selection of buttons, knobs, and slider modules to provide the ideal controller for your application. Each module connects instantly to its neighbor via spring-loaded pins, while powerful magnets ensure they stay together without the need for tools or fasteners. Creative Console is available in three pre-configured packages or as individual modules to provide the ideal controller for your application.

Applications in Corporate, Worship, and Legislative Markets

For customers working on corporate, worship, or legislative productions, you might encounter many common challenges: 

  • Your spaces can be quite large, making it extra challenging to cover all areas with as few cameras as possible 

  • You want to hide the cameras as discreetly as possible within the space

  • The lighting conditions can be challenging – some areas might be better lit than others. 

  • Your operators want a system that is easy to use

  • Your system integrator or IT people want an easy to install and maintain system 

  • Your management wants the most cost-efficient solution

The most cost-efficient solutions to these challenges are the Ross PTZ cameras. Due to their compact form factor, they fit discreetly in any space. Additionally, all video, audio, control, and power go over one single ethernet cable, simplifying cabling enormously, especially in historic buildings. Furthermore, the 30x optical zoom and 300 deg/sec pan/tilt speed allow you to accurately cover a wide range of shots with stunning video quality.

The X-Series, on the other hand, will shine in more challenging lighting environments. The better sensors, optics, and image processing of discrete cameras deliver visibly superior results over PTZs in low or variable lighting conditions. Still, the compact size and reduced cabling requirements of our X-series simplify the installation. The superior mechanics and advanced MotionDirector software offer the opportunity for added creativity with on-air moves.

For both the PTZ and X-Series, Ross Video’s DashBoard control system is downloadable for free, and its integration simplifies operation and maintenance significantly. DashBoard offers a no-cost, high-performance platform that is easy to use and control.

Applications in Broadcast and Radio

Even in Broadcast and Radio, the PTZ cameras and X-Series PT heads shine as long as no prompter is needed. These could be PoV cams, short pieces to air, web, radio, or online studios. As long as the lighting conditions are controller, the PTZ cameras offer an unbeatable price and integrate perfectly into the rest of the infrastructure with 12G SDI support.

When standardization throughout the site is required, the X-Series heads allow you to re-use existing cameras and lenses – even analog lenses. And by choosing the same brand of cameras from the large to the small robotic heads, you get uniform image quality and colorimetry across the board.

Learn More

To learn more about the new products we discussed during this Tech Talk, visit our product pages for the X-Series and the PTZ.

To watch the “X-Series and PTZ – Compact and Powerful Remote Camera Solutions” Tech Talk on-demand, click here.

For more information on Ross Video’s robotic camera systems, visit our website.

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