December 13, 2023 - Ross Video Team, Technology

What’s new with XPression Maps?

The latest upgrade to the XPression toolbox comes with the release of XPression Maps version 3.4.

This update features a brand-new integration between the XPression Maps Server and our XPression MOS workflow to make it even easier to get dynamic mapping content into your broadcast.

XPression Maps version 3.4

With the addition of Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) for XPression Maps MOS users and the HTML5 client for content creation, XPression Maps version 3.4 simplifies the task of administering access to map-making tools within an organization.

These tools, while still being defined by the graphics team, now benefit from enhanced accessibility and user-friendly functionalities. Additional highlights of the latest release of XPression Maps includes:

  • Real-time language changing
  • Tracing roads or borders with a line tool
  • Disputed border workflows
  • Customization of fonts, colors, signage, labels, and more
  • Protrusion of geographic regions
  • Implementaiotn of XPression Datalinq using the XPression Maps data option
  • Inset maps
  • Role-based access control

To learn more about XPression Maps and how it can help you create detailed maps for your video productions and, visit our product page.

Upgrade to XPression Maps version 3.4 today!

Customers with an up-to-date software maintenance plan can contact their Ross Video Regional Sales Manager or Ross Video Technical support to confirm eligibility for XPression Maps v3.4 software upgrades. 

For more information, visit our Tech Support page or contact Ross Video at

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