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MKTG is a leading full-service marketing agency that offers a comprehensive range of services to its clients, including sponsorship consulting, research and analytics, brand experiences and events, in-stadium creative brand development, and management.

With a global presence, MKTG Sports and Entertainment Australia is the largest holder of stadium venue commercial rights in the country. The agency specializes in stadium, event operations, and sports presentation management services.

MKTG Australia has established itself as a major commercial partner of prestigious organizations such as the Australian Football League, Cricket Australia, Football Australia, the World Surf League, and the Victoria Racing Club.

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The Challenge

Having partnered with numerous premier sports organizations across Australia, MKTG faced the challenge of providing a best-in-class in-venue production solution to cater to the operational needs of the diverse teams, leagues, and stadium groups they supported.

Specifically, MKTG was looking to build out a bespoke stadium content management system that included the ability to auto-sequence graphics content, which would remove double handling of assets and provide system efficiencies for clients and partners. At that point, MKTG was using manual processes in its workflows, and it was looking to upgrade its system by increasing the amount of automation.

Once successfully implemented, this workflow would be duplicated across all MKTG’s sites, including the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Marvel Stadium, and Flemington Racecourse to improve efficiency at each one. MKTG would also look to add this workflow to its three Fly Away Kits to ensure consistent operation and functionality.

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The Solution

In order to improve their operational efficiency while enhancing the in-venue production experience for fans and corporate partners alike, MKTG adopted the unified venue control solution offered by Ross. This cutting-edge solution seamlessly integrates all stadium assets into a single video production system. It includes LED ribbon boards, Superscreens, IPTV, as well as audio and lighting.

With the Ross solution, MKTG was able to fully flesh out its stadium content management system and build a strong platform on which to base all further stadium production.

In addition to these cutting-edge technologies, Ross Video’s creative services team, Rocket Surgery, provided bespoke data integration and DashBoard design, resulting in the ultimate workflow for automated rundown creation. Throughout the project, MKTG also leveraged the dedicated end-to-end support from the Ross Sports & Live Events group, which includes initial system consultation, design and commissioning, and 24/7 technical support to ensure smooth operations.

Having seen Ross Video being selected as a major supplier for many of the newest stadiums around the world, it was obvious to us that they were a partner to take us forward as a business. At MKTG, we’re a big believer in partnering with like-minded organizations that share our values and desire to push the industry forward. Over seven years ago, we identified Ross Video as having those attributes, and we now enjoy being their largest partner in Australia.

Matt Connell
Managing Director, APAC at MKTG

Among the key technologies provided by Ross for MKTG’s venues are:

  • XPression Tessera: This technology enables efficient LED content management, ensuring captivating visual displays throughout the stadiums.
  • XPression graphics: By utilizing XPression graphics for traditional character generation, MKTG enhances the overall visual experience, engaging fans and maximizing brand exposure for sponsors.
  • DashBoard: MKTG benefits from DashBoard, a comprehensive venue control system that streamlines operations and allows for centralized management of various components within the venues.

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The Impact

As of May 2023, the Ross system has been in use by MKTG for three cricket and AFL seasons, and the efficiencies provided by the new workflow have allowed the agency to continue to deliver outstanding results for its partners, clients, and fans.

The solution has been easily adopted by MKTG staff – it has been deployed at all MKTG’s venues so there is a constancy in the way the system works, which in turn makes the training process efficient.

Additionally, the improved accuracy of the new solution has cut down on risks and points of failure, which has provided the MKTG commercial team with extra inventory to sell, thereby increasing the agency’s efficiency and throughput.

By leveraging Ross’s innovative technology solutions and comprehensive support services, MKTG has successfully transformed their in-venue production capabilities, delivering an exceptional fan experience while creating valuable sponsorship opportunities for their clients’ corporate partners.

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