Customer Success Story

Trinity Church

Trinity Church is a non-denominational church in Lubbock, a hub of the Western Texas area. Opening their doors over 50 years ago, Trinity welcomes anyone with the desire to belong, while providing a place to embrace love and encouragement.

Trinity has always stayed on the cusp of technology to deliver a contemporary worship experience for their congregation.

The Challenge

Trinity was beginning to feel the strain on their equipment, which had been the result of their last major renovation in 1996. Michael Koontz, Director of Multimedia Technology at Trinity Church explained, “We had a little 1 ME Panasonic switcher that we had reached the absolute limit with. I would have to bring another switcher to plug it into, just to accomplish what we wanted to do. On top of this, our old cameras lacked any RCP control… it was a big and clunky operation.”

The Solution

Trinity got in contact with Lubbock Audio Visual Inc. a total systems solution provider based out of Lubbock. Michael said, “Lubbock AV was a huge help. Within the city alone, their credentials span an incredibly long list of equipment they’ve integrated in platforms across the city.” Stan Wagnon, Founder and President of Lubbock AV since it’s inception in 1978 discussed their solution for Trinity:

“Trinity was a case where they’d grown their operation one piece of equipment at a time that each addressed a certain need, instead of a solution that served all their needs. The combination of the Ross Carbonite Black 3X switcher, NK 72×72 Routing System, and NKM Remote Control Panel tied all their needs together and greatly simplified their workflow. With more effective and elegant production capabilities they would be able to focus on the creative elements of their presentations, instead of trying to cobble individual solutions together to accomplish their goals. The Ross equipment not only met and exceeded their performance criteria, but also came in at a cost figure that made it attractive when weighed against costly alternative options within the industry.”

Michael added, “The conversation came down to money, we’re a non-profit church and need the most bang for our buck. Ross was the winner when it came to money and we knew Ross was tested and
true in other facilities.”

The Result

Trinity has three main screens, one for each ME of the Carbonite Black 3X switcher. Two screens/MEs are linked together to utilize the two screens for IMAG. They have multiple cameras and switch through multiple camera angles. They utilize key lyrics on their overtop screen, utilizing a downstream key from a separate source that they key lyrics on top of. Whether it’s sermon notes, song lyrics, or even an alert for parents – multiple keys at the same time in multiple destinations is a large part of their productions.

“I would say the number one word that comes to mind is streamlined,” said Michael. “Everything happens at once, which is a functionality that we’ve never had before. Having one place, one control panel, one router that everything is hitting – just makes everything way easier. Everything with Ross has been incredibly easy and they – along with Lubbock AV – have pushed us into that next tier of professional productions as a church.”

Stan concluded on the whole experience “We never hesitate to recommend a piece of Ross equipment, because we know it will be successful for our customers. Ross is willing to portion whatever resources necessary to make sure it will be a successful piece of business for both our customer and us. Being confident in the product you’re recommending for the customer is very important… and Ross makes it easy to be confident.”

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