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Vivaro Video Case Study

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Vívaro Video is a prominent audiovisual production and transmission service provider in Latin America, headquartered in Santiago, Chile.

As a leader in remote production systems, Vívaro Video enables major broadcasters across the region to produce content more efficiently and reach global audiences through engaging and dynamic media experiences. The company specializes in sports, news, and television programs.

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Since 2018, Vivaro Video has been growing its remote production services globally and was looking for a technology partner who could provide robust, scalable equipment and reliable support.

Looking to expand its services internationally, Vivaro Video faced the challenge of needing versatile and robust equipment that could adapt to various broadcasting needs while remaining within budget constraints. This requirement allowed them to compete on an international stage and take on large-scale projects like the Pan American Games and the Viña del Mar music festival.

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Starting with a Carbonite switcher purchase, Vivaro has scaled its remote production business using Ross Video as its key technology partner.

Vivaro Video turned to Ross Video’s array of products, starting with the purchase of a Carbonite switcher in 2018, and they still use Carbonite switchers in all their productions to this day. Since then, they have expanded their toolkit with a MIRA Replay system, Ultrix hyperconverged platform, FURIO, and XPression.

“Support is key,” Gonzalo Jara, Director of Technology at Vivaro Video, explained, “and the Ross team in Chile are very good professionals who provide support at a different speed than the competition, which is appreciated as a customer.”

The solutions and support provided by Ross have enabled seamless and efficient remote production capabilities that have allowed them to expand their services widely across Latin America and the United States.

Section 4


The integration of Ross Video’s solutions has significantly bolstered Vivaro Video’s operational capabilities, allowing the company to expand its services and take on major international events.

Notably, they produced 42% of the Pan American Games in partnership with Mediapro — a testament to the robustness and reliability of Ross’s technology, particularly the MIRA Replay system. “MIRA Replay for remote production has proven to be very robust equipment with excellent performance that far exceeds its competitors in the replay range,” Gonzalo noted.

Vivaro is also working on a remotely produced rugby match project in the United States using XPression, which has produced such outstanding results that Vivaro is now looking to implement all its projects using the XPression graphics platform. Looking forward, Vivaro Video is eager to explore how to implement Ross Video’s Voyager as their Augmented Reality platform.

Ross gives robustness to our operations and security because the hardware works well and has a budget within the established limits. Brands like Ross enable projects to be viable, which would not be possible with other competitive products. I have always admired the company’s development and investment in technology, very dedicated to being a blend of innovation, quality, and price. Ross is a company that produces well-thought-out products. The products work, are easy to implement and operate, and have good support, which makes us feel very secure.

Gonzalo Jara
Director of Technology at Vivaro Video

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