June 16, 2020

Ross Keeps It Clean and Launches AirCleaner-2

Ottawa, Canada, June 16th 2020 – As part of the Ross Live | 2020 program, Ross is pleased to announce today the launch of AirCleaner-2, a new and substantially upgraded version of the production industry’s most popular ‘live event protection delay’ solution.

Live events can often be highly unpredictable, and broadcasters and webcasters want to mitigate the risk of transmitting any offensive, inappropriate language or visuals that could upset their audiences. This is especially true in our current Covid-19 world, where on-site live audiences are absent and thus don’t provide the background noise that can naturally conceal a live performer’s unwanted language. AirCleaner gives live producers the power to quickly and easily eliminate any undesirable content from their live productions. A very simple two-button control panel enables operators to effectively conceal unwanted audio or video (or both at the same time); audiences at home are presented with a video defocus or ‘cut to a safe image’ during unexpected visuals along with jumbled audio, mute or ‘cut to a safe sound’ (e.g. a beep tone or alternative sound effect) during unscripted tirades.

New for 2020, AirCleaner-2 features a brand-new 2RU hardware platform with vastly improved processing power, now capable of support for 3G 1080p HD including the ‘True 60p’ frame rate. Additionally, both 12G 2160p 4K-UHD and 100G SMPTE 2110 IP video I/Os will be available later this year as optional software licenses, easily purchased and installed over the internet. The new rack-mount hardware is available in three different models, depending on amount of delay time desired, with the first two models capable of being easily upgraded over the internet should delay requirements change in the future. The user control panel has also been updated and modernized, although fundamental operations of the new AirCleaner remains identical so existing customers will have no learning curve when transitioning to the new AirCleaner-2. In addition, two control panels can be used if dual-user operation is needed, providing an extra measure of concealment protection for extremely high-profile live events.

Douglas Johnson, Product Manager for Video Servers at Ross, is quite pleased to showcase this brand-new live event protection delay solution. “I’m delighted to introduce our next-generation AirCleaner to the market today and am really looking forward to seeing the new AirCleaner-2 begin shipment in August 2020. For the past decade, AirCleaner has been an essential and effective tool for those working in live event production, giving our customers peace of mind, and helping to reduce their stress during live telecasts. This substantially upgraded AirCleaner hardware platform, with new support for a wide range of video standards and upgradeable functionality, will ensure AirCleaner continues to be the most popular live event protection delay for many years to come.”

For more information, please visit www.rossvideo.com/live to watch today’s webcast with Douglas Johnson, Product Manager for Video Servers.


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