Case Study

Red Bull / Servus TV



Based in the picturesque city of Salzburg, Austria, Servus TV is the prominent private broadcast entity in the region.

Since 2020, they have been working from their state-of-the-art studio shared with Red Bull Media, which they affectionately call their broadcast competence center. 

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The Challenge

Before the move, Servus TV faced a significant challenge when their ambitions outgrew their existing studio space.

To meet their corporate growth objectives, the goal was to expand studio capacity in a new building without increasing the personnel required to manage production operations. They were looking for a vendor who could offer a fully integrated range of services and naturally chose Ross.

Whether it’s on-prem, cloud, hybrid, it doesn’t matter; any kind of solutions that we are asking for, be it CapEx or OpEx, Ross can provide, which is one of the biggest advantages for us right now.

Fabian Dorschel
Global Head of Media & IT

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The Solution

Our collaboration with Servus TV revolved around finding an effective solution to their expansion and optimization challenge. The answer came in the form of highly automated workflows using a robust set of pre-programmed templates and technology.  

Inception and XPression Tessera are now the cornerstones of show planning, editorial, and graphics work at Servus TV. Voyager and Lucid provide their AR and XR capabilities. The backbone, OverDrive, automates content production and delivery using Furio robotic camera systems, a Carbonite Black production switcher, and a mix of third-party studio lighting and LED displays. 

Section 4

The Result

Ross Video was able to help Servus TV meet its goal of increasing production capacity without investing in additional resources and operators to manage it.

Highly automated studio apparatus and workflows combine with manual controls to make real-time adjustments simple and fast across multiple environments despite a limited number of operators.

In particular, Servus TV was relieved to find the transition to Ross Video technology much more straightforward than anticipated, which they attributed to our highly attentive approach to design, implementation, and training.

“The switch was surprisingly easy. We really felt that Ross was listening to us and what we actually wanted.”
— Hans Martin Paar, Head of News

Seeing our commitment to excellent outcomes, open communication, and outstanding support produce results for our customers in the real world is always rewarding. In this case, that meant delivering the improved functionality and operational efficiency Servus TV wanted for their new studios.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with Servus TV as they push the boundaries of broadcasting.

Working with Ross has been an outstanding experience. We appreciate that no matter our challenge, we always find the right people to talk to. They truly appreciate our feedback, and we see that reflected in their product development.

Fabian Dorschel
Global Head of Media & IT

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