Acuity combines seemingly limitless production power with aesthetic beauty and unprecedented connectivity. It’s an innovative, futuristic large production switcher platform that not only delivers fast, efficient and error-free production, but is also ergonomically perfect and stunningly beautiful.

Control Panels

Key Features 
Multi-Panel Operation
(1 Master, 8 Satellites)
Fully Modular Control Panels
Number of Panels Available6
DualDisplay Menu System
On Panel Menu Control Module
16:9 Touch Screen Menu Display
Themeable Panel Glow RGB Buttons
Full RGB Color Mnemonic Displays
Maximum Assignable Tallies144
Automation Control via OverDrive
N+1 Redundant Power Supplies


Frames (Live Production Engines)

Key Features 
Signal Processing Format: 59.94 Hz Frame Rate480i, 480i 16:9, 720p, 1080i, 1080P (3G Level A), 2160P (quad link UHD-1)
Signal Processing Format: 50 Hz Frame Rate576i, 576i 16:9, 720p, 1080i, 1080P (3G Level A), 2160P (quad link UHD-1)
Signal Processing Format: 24 Hz Frame Rate1080P, 1080PsF
Signal Processing Format: 23.98 Hz Frame Rate1080PsF
Signal Processing Format: 29.97 Hz Frame Rate1080P
Maximum Number of Multi-Definition Inputs60 (4RU Frame), 120 (8RU Frame)
Maximum Number of Multi-Definition Outputs40 (4RU Frame), 60 (8RU Frame)
Maximum Number of MEs6.5 (4RU Frame), 8 (8RU Frame, .5 ME not supported with 8 Full MEs)
Keyers per ME8 (selectable 2 or 4 on .5 ME)
UltraChrome Keyers per ME2
Maximum Number of AuxKeys10 (4RU Frame), 15 (8RU Frame)
Total Keyers in Fully Populated System, inc. AuxKeys64 (4RU Frame), 87 (8RU Frame)
MultiFeed with 6 Program Outputs for Each ME
Number of Standard 2D DVE/Resizers16 per ME with DVE combiner (2 DVEs per key channel)
Number of Optional 3D DVEs4 per ME, (2 channels with key and fill)
Warps and Curvilinear EffectsStandard with 3D DVE option
Key Trails and Advanced Recursive Effects
Internal MultiViewers20 Windows / Dual Head (installed in unused ME slots)
Source MultiViewers20 Window MultiViewer per MultiProcessing input Card (optional)
Input Frame Syncs and ConversionVia Optional MultiProcessing input cards
Internal SSD Drive for Media Files, Show and Configuration Storage240 GB
Number of Media Stores4 per ME plus 4 channel Global Store
Media Store RAM Capacity8 GB for each ME MediaStore and a 4 GB Global Store
Event Memory System and Custom Control Macros1,000 Memories and 2,304 Custom Controls per setup file
SmartConversion – On-The-Fly Format ConversionStandard software feature, optional openGear conversion frame
Internal Proc Amps and Color Correction
Preview Overlay
Tally, GPIO and Contact Closures36 Tally, 24 GPIO & 24 Programmable Contact Closures
N+1 Redundant Power Supplies


Input/Output Cards – 12G MultiProcessing Cards

12G Multiprocessing CardsEach Card Includes:
Inputs20 SDI Inputs: 5 12G SDI inputs or 20 3G SDI inputs
Frame Synchronizers with Format Conversion8 freely assignable FSFCs per card
YUV Proc Amp per Input
RGB Color Corrector per Input
1080P Level B to Level A Conversion per Input
Input Card MultiViewerAble to display all 20 inputs as a single source, be included as a source insider of another MultiViewer.
UHD Quad Square Division to 2SI Converter2 converters (eliminates the Input Module MultiViewer)


Input/Output Cards – IP Cards

IP Input CardEach Card Includes:
10G SFP Ethernet Modules12 (6 Primary, 6 Redundant)
SDI Inputs21


IP Output CardEach Card Includes:
10G SFP Ethernet Modules12 (6 Primary, 6 Redundant)
SDI Inputs20