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Mira+ | The Ultimate Replay System

Achieve impressive instant replays for all your live events and sports broadcasts with an extremely flexible and very powerful multi-channel replay system.


Make it easy with an ergonomically-designed control surface and intuitive “heads-up” user display. Mira+ delivers remarkably fast learning curves for both novice and veteran replay operators.

Single or Dual-User Workflow

Share the load by splitting/sharing server resources—so two operators can work independently on two replay events or work in collaboration on the same replay event.

Reliable Protected Media

Ensure maximum reliability, with standard dual-redundant, hot-swappable power supplies. For ease of maintenance, all Mira+ servers feature hot-swappable chassis fans and media disk drives.

Flexible Configuration

Adapts to a wide variety of live production workflows, thanks to a symmetrical, multi-channel server architecture. Mira+ servers can be fitted with 8 or 12 symmetric video channels—meaning any channel can be used as a Player or as a Recorder, with instant switch-over.

Content Sharing

Network multiple Mira+ servers via Gigabit or 10-Gigabit Ethernet, and easily share clips between multiple users.

File-Based Operations

Reduce cost and substantially streamline workflow with integrated media file import and export tools – with support for Growing File Export workflows to an external NAS.

PIERO+Mira Integration

The PIERO+Mira integration combines our sports analysis graphics and replay systems, and the result is sports graphics and telestration at their absolute best.
Mira+ Overview Video

Live instant replay system with compelling features, a unique ergonomically-designed control surface and purpose-built user application.


Mira Control Surface

The Mira Control Surface makes it easy to perform live slow-motion replays, and to create engaging game-break highlights that will captivate your audience. Learn more…

User Application

Complementing the physical control surface is the Mira Replay software application. Learn more…

Playlists & Highlights

The Mira Replay playlist management interface is fast and intuitive. Learn more…

Dual-User Workflow

The architecture of Mira+ permits server resources to be split or shared, allowing more than one operator per replay server. Learn more…

File-Based Workflow

Mira+ replay systems come standard with integrated media file import and export tools, which dramatically streamlines your file-based workflows. Learn more…

Multi-Server Clip Sharing

Built-in Multi-Server Clip Networking feature permits operators to quickly and easily share captured media clips. Learn more…

Living Live Community!

The platform offers a place for live production professionals to come together to share their experiences, solve problems, find answers to questions and discuss best practices.


This product can be used as part of the following
Smart Production Solutions:

Sports & Live Venue




All Mira+ replay systems are fitted with the AVC-Intra Class 100 native recording & playout video codec, which supports these video standards:

Ultra HD 4K Video 2160p /50 /59.94
HD Video 1080p /23.98 /24 /25/ 29.97 /30 /50 /59.94 /60
1080i /50 /59.94
720p /50 /59.94

These symmetrical video channel counts and storage times are available:

Storage Times Number of Video Channels
8-Channels 12-Channels
280 Hours
580 Hours

PIERO+Mira Integration

The PIERO+Mira integration combines our sports analysis graphics and replay systems, and the result is sports graphics and telestration at their absolute best! The seamless workflow between PIERO and Mira gives major sporting event producers maximum flexibility on recorded camera sources, allowing them to carve out an unparalleled swath of storytelling views. To add to that, operators will never have to worry about missing a thing, since all angles of a play are instantly and intuitively available in the PIERO application they’re already used to. PIERO telestration magic then ensues, and upon completion, the newly created PIERO graphics clip is automatically saved to the Mira for later playback or building highlights packages. With the PIERO+Mira integration, there is no time spent on anything except creating a ton of engaging content.

Mira+ U

A place for online self-directed learning of the Mira+ replay operation and workflow.


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    User Stories

    • Anyone designing an arena or broadcast facility cannot ignore the flexibility and price-point of the Mira+ server. Read more…

      Ed Filomia
      Senior Director of Broadcast Services for the Miami Heat
    • We have 3 different Mira+ replay systems, one in the OB Truck and the other in edit suites. Watch the video…

      Mathias Kristiansen
      Live Replay / Post Producer / Network Architect at Ullevaal Media Center



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