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Replay System

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Mira+ | The Ultimate Replay System

Achieve impressive instant replays for all your live events and sports broadcasts with an extremely flexible and very powerful multi-channel replay system.


Make it easy with an ergonomically-designed control surface and intuitive “heads-up” user display. Mira+ delivers remarkably fast learning curves for both novice and veteran replay operators.

Single or Dual-User Workflow

Share the load by splitting/sharing server resources—so two operators can work independently on two replay events or work in collaboration on the same replay event.

Reliable Protected Media

Ensure maximum reliability, with standard dual-redundant, hot-swappable power supplies. For ease of maintenance, all Mira servers feature hot-swappable chassis fans and media disk drives.

Flexible Configuration

Adapts to a wide variety of live production workflows, thanks to a symmetrical, multi-channel server architecture. Mira+ servers can be fitted with 6, 8 or 12 symmetric video channels.

Content Sharing

Network multiple Mira+ servers via Gigabit or 10-Gigabit Ethernet, and easily share clips between multiple users.

File-Based Operations

Reduce cost and substantially streamline workflow with integrated media file import and export tools – with support for Growing File Export workflows to an external NAS.

Mira+ Overview Video

Live instant replay system with compelling features, a unique ergonomically-designed control surface and purpose-built user application.


Mira Control Surface

The Mira Control Surface makes it easy to perform live slow-motion replays, and to create engaging game-break highlights that will captivate your audience. Learn more…

User Application

Complementing the physical control surface is the Mira Replay software application. Learn more…

Playlists & Highlights

The Mira Replay playlist management interface is fast and intuitive. Learn more…

Dual-User Workflow

The architecture of Mira+ permits server resources to be split or shared, allowing more than one operator per replay server. Learn more…

File-Based Workflow

Mira+ replay systems come standard with integrated media file import and export tools, which dramatically streamlines your file-based workflows. Learn more…

Multi-Server Clip Sharing

Built-in Multi-Server Clip Networking feature permits operators to quickly and easily share captured media clips. Learn more…


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Sports & Live Venue




Choosing a Mira+ replay server begins with choosing the native recording video codec:

AVC-Intra: 720p & 1080i HD @100 Mb/s | 1080p HD @200Mb/s | UHD-4K @ 800Mb/s
DVCPRO-HD: SD @50 Mb/s | HD @100Mb/s

This determines the supported video formats of the system:

SUPPORTED VIDEO FORMATS AVC-Intra @ 100 Mb/s DVCPro-HD @ 50Mb/s & 100 Mb/s
Ultra HD 4K Video 2160p /50 /59.94
HD Video 1080p /50 /59.94
1080i /50 /59.94
720p /50 /59.94
SD Video 625i /50
525i /59.94

After that, select your desired symmetrical channel count and storage time:

Storage Times AVC-Intra | DVCPRO AVC-Intra
6-Channels 8-Channels 12-Channels
280 Hours
580 Hours

Mira+ U

A place for online self-directed learning of the Mira+ replay operation and workflow.


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    User Stories

    • Anyone designing an arena or broadcast facility cannot ignore the flexibility and price-point of the Mira+ server. Read more…

      Ed Filomia
      Senior Director of Broadcast Services for the Miami Heat
    • We have 3 different Mira+ replay systems, one in the OB Truck and the other in edit suites. Watch the video…

      Mathias Kristiansen
      Live Replay / Post Producer / Network Architect at Ullevaal Media Center



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    Comparison Charts
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    Mira+ Manual
    Mira+ Hardware Quick Start Guide
    DashBoard OGP Quick Start Guide

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    Application Notes
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    Software Upgrades
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