Operational Features

Chroma Key ModesWedge Key (Chroma)
Detail Key (Chroma + Luma)
Combined Key (Wedge + Detail)
Accepted Camera SignalsStandard 4:2:2 (SMPTE 292/424) input
UltrachromeHR 0:4:4 full colour output from Ross ACID Cameras
Utilizes 4:4:4 chroma key development if UltrachromeHR input present
Formats1080p 59.94 / 50
1080p 29.97/25
1080i 59.94/50
720p 59.94/50
720p 29.97/25
Number of Keys per MiniME3 per MiniME
Number of MediaStores (capacity 8 Gb)4 each with dedicated alpha channel for keys or backgrounds
Supported Media File TypesStills: .BMP
Stills & Animations: .JPG, .JPEG (no Alpha), TGA & PNG (with Alpha) & 48k WAV audio files
Browser-Based Graphics Management
Effects Memory with MemoryAI100 per MiniME & chroma key channel
XPression LiveCG Dongle

Signal Processing Standards

Standard Definition480i/59.94, 576i/50
High Definition720P & 1080I 50/59.94
1080 PSF23.98, 25 & 29.97
1080P29.97 (1.5Gb) & 50/59.94(3Gb)

Frames (Processing Engines)

Multi-Definition Inputs3636
Multi-Definition Outputs2225
Chroma Key Channels2 standard
(3rd and 4th channel optional)
2 standard
(3rd and 4th channel optional)
Number of MiniMEs44
Number of MultiViewers with Tally and Source Names2 x 16 windows5 x 16 windows
Internal Format Converters / Frame Synchronizers36
Fill Channel Proc Amps
Fill Channel Color Correctors
Number of GPI/O3434
Number of Tallies3434
Removable Storage MediaUSBUSB
Ethernet Ports22
Reference InputBlack or Tri-LevelBlack or Tri-Level
Internal Reference Generator
Independently Configurable Reference Outputs22
Editor Port1 (RS-422)1 (RS-422)
Physical2 RU2 RU