User Input Controls

  • XPression now has an additional Data Source for text objects, User Input Controls. User Input Controls provide Check Boxes, Radio Buttons, Lists and Combo Boxes for text input in the XPression MOS ActiveX Plug-in and Sequencer.
  • XPression MOS users can be provided with closed lists for text input fields, Radio Buttons for simple “either or” choices or Combo Boxes which allow for a pull-down list to choose the desired item from
  • One User Input Control field can affect another User Input Field, such as changing the data source presented to User Input Field Control 2, based on the setting of User Input Control Field 1.
  • User Input Controls can create a simple (small grouping of one or two items) as a Static List (based inside the single scene), a Global List (based inside the entire project), or a Datalinq™ (same functionality and accessibility as the traditional Datalinq™ utilization

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