XPression Version 9.0 New Features

The XPression team has been hard at work adding over 40 new features to XPression for Version 9.0, empowering designers working in a high efficiency mode. We have simplified getting design content from Adobe Photoshop and new ways to manage your fonts in XPression. XPression version 9.0 provides functionality for setting character limits on text input fields and for selecting the preview frame of video shader assets to allow your journalists to quickly browse and select the proper content to tell their stories. An all new design for Remote Sequencer, XPression’s multi-channel playout control surface for MOS workflows, utilizes either a linear view for simplified playback as well as the ability to modify Take IDs before air, including channel assignment. It is also possible to break out each channel into their own column for higher visibility in busy control rooms. All these changes make the XPression tools more transparent and will have a high impact on getting the message to the viewers.

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