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Executive Summary

Newt is a revolutionary new species of AIMS-compliant point-of-use IP signal converters including the world’s first UHD-over-IP to SDI/HDMI 2.0 converter.

With software-defined processing, Newt easily adapts to multiple uses as the IP landscape unfolds. Newt can go anywhere, thanks to a robust and compact 5”x 6” enclosure, studio-quiet operation, and flexible mounting options. Three NEWT sit comfortably on a rack shelf, can be mounted with tie-wrap, monitor plates and various other mounting options.


Robust point-of-use IP conversion of signal types from SD to UHD, with a powerful embedded dual-core ARM Cortex A9 1.5GHz processor and deep packet buffers for the most demanding of media networking environments.

Open Control

Open control brings freedom of choice: seamless integration into your chosen control system via NMOS, EmBER+/RAVENNA, published JSON API and Ross Video’s DashBoard ecosystem.

Goes Anywhere

Goes anywhere: flexible mounting options and studio-quiet.


Software-defined processing enables multiple uses and functions via licensing options.