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Ross Video offers a range of Virtual Solutions that enable media production organizations to tell better stories, gain viewership, increase revenue, and reduce costs through the use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Sets, with a focus on blended environments that combine the best of traditional physical design and virtual design.

Ross can implement virtual solutions for limited budgets as well as for the most demanding of production applications. This includes the most complete product portfolio in the industry with diverse third party component integration, and comprehensive virtual design services.

Why Use Virtual Sets and Augmented Reality?

Tell Better Stories

  • Meet viewer’s expectations for a more sophisticated presentation
  • Extend the story telling tool set with multiple virtual monitors, floating augmented reality elements, and customizable virtual sets
  • Use augmented reality and virtual sets to exceed the limitations of traditional studio environments
  • Create more polished productions for applications such as weather, sports, news, elections, talk and variety shows, sponsorship, and more.

Retain and Increase Viewership

  • Present information in new and innovative ways to captivate and inform audiences
  • Get viewers to tune in longer showing segments with content such as augmented reality weather

Realize Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Gain new income sources through sponsorship of specific virtual elements
  • Add a sponsor logo designed into a virtual monitor or have logos spray painted in a virtual manner on a virtual wall to deliver in-show sponsorships
  • Apply advertising and sponsorship in the same manner for a variety of programming such as weather, traffic, sports, talk, and variety on an annual, daily, or show by show basis

Lower Set Costs

  • Utilize “blended” environments that combine the best of traditional physical design and virtual design to eliminate the need for video walls and on-set monitors
  • Deploy virtual sets at a fraction of the cost of traditional physical sets
  • Secure capital investment with complete solutions that offer superb system integration, enhance revenue streams, and lower operational costs

Reduce Real Estate Requirements

  • Operate and deploy virtual solutions in small spaces that require substantially less facility costs
  • Save on the reduced size of studios
  • Use less storage space due to needing fewer physical set pieces

Increase Staff Flexibility

  • Implement augmented reality and virtual set solutions that combine robotic cameras, production switchers, motion graphics, and automated production control systems that are intuitive and effective to use without the need for complicated technical knowledge
  • Easily move staff resources around and use them for a variety of tasks and program production rather than having to be dedicated for single tasks
  • Utilize agile production teams that are more efficient and contribute to lower overall operational costs

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