Troy English

Troy English

Chief Technology Officer & Senior Vice President, Product Development


Troy has been in the broadcast/live production industry for almost 30 years, starting with hist first job as a software developer working on production switchers at Ross in 1993. Since, he has spent his career developing and creating dozens of products for the industry in collaboration with end users globally as CTO for 10+ years. He has been fortunate enough to work with some of the best engineers in the industry and in doing so now has a technical Emmy award as well as 9 patents. The incredibly wide portfolio of products that Ross is involved in has allowed him to get exposure to an incredibly varied set of technology from real-time video and audio processing, AI/ML, cloud computing and robotics to name a few.

Troy has a degree in Math and Computer Science from McGill university, however his interest in computers goes back to a very young age starting from his first computer camp when he was 9 years old (TRS-80s). He used to sneak into computer stores and beg the sales staff to let him play on them even before that.

Currently Troy is serving as a Canadian Region Governor for SMPTE for a two year term.

He is happily married and adores his two wonderful children. In his spare time, he plays and collects rare board games which you are more than welcome to talk about if you come visit him in Ottawa.

Contact Info

Telephone: + 1 (613) 228-0688