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Perfect for any small to mid-sized production, Tria Express Duet’s versatility and rich portfolio of essential features allows it to excel in a wide variety of workflows. Built on rock-solid hardware and available at an unbeatable price point, Tria Express Duet is the most powerful compact production video server on the market.


Choosing a Tria Express Duet compact production video server involves two easy steps: selecting the amount of storage and choosing 2-channel or 4-channel software.

2-Channel Tria Express Duet 2 bi-directional channels
can play OR record

4-Channel Tria Express Duet 

 2 bi-directional channels
can play OR record2 playback-only channels
-01 Hardware Models 1.9TB SSD | RAID0
-02 Hardware Models 3.8TB SSD | RAID0

Channel Models

Tria Express Duet is a single hardware platform that can be licensed as either a two-channel or a four-channel model.

A two-channel Tria Express Duet can be easily upgraded in the field to a four-channel model at any time.

Native Control Panels

When a Tria Express Duet is added to your basic tree view in DashBoard, the frame will immediately present multiple control panels that serve a variety of uses. You can control the channels of your Tria Express Duet using the “Explorer” panel, or build simple, drag-and-drop custom panels using the “Palette” panel.

DashBoard Integration

As a standard feature, Tria Express Duet effortlessly integrates with Ross DashBoard:

Improved Toolset for Building CustomPanels

In addition to premade control panels, connecting to a Tria Express Duet through DashBoard will provide you with numerous commands and parameters, which can be used to construct sophisticated custom control panels known as CustomPanels. Combine the data from the Tria Express Duet’s parameters with those of other Ross Video products to create solutions so unique and powerful that they have never been imagined before!

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