September 15, 2023 - Ross Video Team, Customer News

Introducing the next-generation TouchDrive™ control panels

New at IBC this year, Ross Video’s production switcher group has added to its innovative lineup of TouchDrive™ panels with the all-new TD3 and TD4 control surfaces. These remarkable panels are the largest in the TouchDrive™ series, boasting extended control capabilities that bring a whole new dimension of interactivity for technical directors and vision mixers. 

When combined with the Carbonite Ultra 60 production switcher, the new TD3 and TD4 panels now empower production facilities to deliver larger and more intricate live productions at a fraction of the cost of comparable systems. 

TD4 Control Surface

What’s New

Building off the current TD3S, which boasts 25 crosspoint buttons, the TD3 and TD4 are taking it up a notch with 35 crosspoint buttons as well as three (TD3) or four (TD4) assignable control rows. On the left side of the panel there’s a vertical delegation screen, designed to accommodate advanced Row Delegation Features in future releases.

Now, let’s talk about the exciting additions on the right side:

  1. Introducing the new 30 Button ShotBox Modules (TD4 has 2 of these). Equipped with an LCD screen, operators can personalize their layout and control by assigning functions just like they would with User buttons.
  2. We’re also introducing a brand-new Menu Module with double the number of knobs and buttons for enhanced control and navigation.
  3. To further enhance the user experience, there’s a new Joystick Module featuring a 15 Button Shotbox for User buttons and Menu/Joystick Navigation controls.

One of the remarkable features of the TD3 and TD4 is the flexibility in repositioning the right-side modules within the column. Operators can freely move the ShotBox module to the bottom row and swap it with the Joystick Module or relocate the Menu Module to the top row, customizing the layout to their preferences.

TD3 Control Surface

In terms of service and support, the entire TD Series has adopted a semi-modular approach. This means that replacing a module is now quicker and less disruptive, as they mount from the top rather than requiring access from the inside of the panel.

Furthermore, all panels in the TD Series are now powered by a Ryzen 6 Core CPU with over four times the RAM compared to previous TD Panels. This upgrade ensures faster response times and provides ample memory for caching DashBoard Menu pages, delivering a more efficient and responsive user experience.

TouchDrive TD3 and TD4 Panel Compatibility

In addition to supporting the new Carbonite Ultra 60 production switchers, the new TD3 and TD4 panels are compatible with a range of production switcher solutions from Ross including:

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