All-in-One Production Systems


At a glance

Pure Production Power

Real Switcher. Real Graphics. Real Audio. Graphite is an all-inclusive system that combines superb big switcher performance with visually stunning 3D graphics,

instant access clip servers and pristine audio clarity – all with the reliability of separate system components.

Compact Production Solution

A single 4RU chassis houses the production switcher, audio mixer, graphics system and clip players. This simplifies connectivity and reduces space, power, and electrical requirements.


Thanks to its unique dedicated hardware, Graphite is immune to performance issues that are commonly associated with traditional all-in-one platforms.

Complete Ecosystem

Graphite is designed to be a complete production solution right out of the box. Setup and configuration is simple and straightforward and the system even includes customizable graphics packages designed to get production up and running faster and more easily.

Flexible Workflow

Using Graphite’s extensive toolset and intuitive controls, a single operator can manage an entire show using a single tabbed DashBoard screen. For a distributed workflow with separate operators (T.D., Audio, Graphics, etc.), simply connect multiple DashBoard computers together.

Incremental Growth

Graphite’s M/E count and input matrix can be easily upgraded via cost-effective software licenses. Additional hardware and software components that enable production automation, MOS workflows, or multi-studio operations can be added at any time.

Experience Counts

Graphite is the product of 40+ years of switcher experience and engineering excellence. Graphite combines proven hardware components with world-class software applications to create a powerful set of production tools that is backed by an acknowledged industry leader.


Audio Mixer Evolved

Graphite’s internal RAVE audio mixer provides a professional toolset for audio processing, mixing, and routing. This includes:

Access to all 16 channels of each SDI input, internal PC audio, and optional analog Audio Breakout Modules.

Up to 48 faders that can be independently configured as stereo (L-R) or mono (L-L or R-R). Flexible output routing for Main, Monitor, or Aux mixes

Powerful channel-by-channel audio contouring tools including parametric EQ.

Maintain consistent 24-bit broadcast-quality audio with sample-rate conversion on AES and SDI inputs 1-6.

The Audio Follow Video (AFV) function will automatically track sources as they are transitioned to program. This feature, configured on a fader-by-fader basis, simplifies audio operations and reduces errors.

Twelve user-configurable Aux mixes for mix-minus, multi-lingual or iso feeds .

Included Graphics Templates

Get started with fluid graphics right out of the box.
Graphite ships with a complete package of easily-customized graphic templates designed by Ross Video’s creative services team – Rocket Surgery.

Control Panels

From fully manual to advanced automation workflows, there’s a perfect control surface for the task.

  • Acuity Control Panels are compatible with the entire line of Acuity and Ultrix Acuity products
  • The stunning TouchDrive control surfaces can be paired with Ultrix Acuity, Ultrix Carbonite, Carbonite Black/Plus/12G, Carbonite Ultra or the Graphite all-in-one platform.


Graphite comes in a variety of ME & Input configurations:


Aside from MEs & I/O, all configurations have the same operational features:

Graphite All-In-One Production System

Graphite U

A place for online self-directed learning of the Graphite All-In-One Production System.


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