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Managing Relationships — Sky Deutschland & spidercam

Remarkable partnerships often emerge when technology and creativity collide — like the one that has formed between Sky Deutschland and spidercam from Ross Video over the last five years.

We sat down with Jens Steinmann (JS) | Head of Project Engineering, spidercam and Louisa von Lenthe (LvL) | Director Inhouse Operations, Sports Production, Sky Deutschland, to delve into their continued relationship and how the technology has changed the way they work.

Q: How did the partnership between Sky Deutschland and spidercam begin?

JS: The idea to integrate spidercam into the Sky Deutschland studio emerged around the end of 2016. With an existing relationship forged through various outside broadcast productions, Sky approached us for a spidercam installation in their new football studio.

LvL: Having utilized spidercam in field operations for several years, incorporating it into our studio was a logical progression. Familiar with the team and the system’s functionality, our aim was to uphold the highest quality in our T1 productions while enhancing the overall user experience – a goal successfully achieved by spidercam.

Q: What is the advantage of having a cable-based system in a studio environment?

JS: Employing spidercam in a studio setting brings a distinct advantage: delivering camera movements unmatched by other systems. We boast unparalleled flexibility compared to camera cranes, offering a smaller, less intrusive, and highly mobile solution. This eliminates the need for steadycams, tracking cameras, and camera cranes. Furthermore, spidercam enables stable AR graphics and the capability to reach any point in the studio within seconds.

LvL:  The use of the spidercam system gives us the opportunity to make the storytelling in our programs more dynamic and to add high-quality augmented graphics.

Q: Can you describe the nature of your relationship?

JS: Our relationship with Sky is excellent, and we are pleased to continue supporting them. They have been pioneers in augmented reality (AR), relying on spidercam and our graphics from the early stages. Their high standards constantly push us to innovate, fostering a fantastic and collaborative relationship

Jens Steinmann

LvL: The relationship has always been cooperative and constructive. We share a deep understanding of each other’s needs and challenges, working collaboratively. The enduring relationship we’ve cultivated over the years is one of the most rewarding aspects of our collaboration with spidercam.

Q: What type of training and support did spidercam provide?

JS: Initially, we supplied a pilot and operator for approximately a year, aiming for Sky to operate the system independently, a goal they accomplished. Our engineers are available round the clock for any assistance, and while the demand for support has diminished over the years, we are always prepared to assist Sky whenever needed. Additionally, we maintain ongoing support through training for new features and providing pilots as required.

LvL: The experience was extremely positive. The spidercam team adhered to all our agreed terms and conditions, making the collaboration enjoyable.

The partnership between Sky Deutschland and spidercam is just one example of the importance of collaboration when integrating broadcast technology, which can even lead to enhancements in production quality and operational efficiency.

We look forward to an ongoing partnership with Sky Deutschland that promises to continually push the envelope of what’s possible in live broadcasting.

Discover how Sky Deutschland implemented a range of Ross Robotics — read our full case study here.

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