May 17, 2023 - Les O'Reilly, Customer News

Upgrade Your Switcher Experience

Development of Ross Video’s comprehensive production switcher lineup continues with the introduction of new upgrades to the Carbonite and Graphite product lines

In addition to the no cost feature upgrades that are now available for existing Carbonite and Graphite customers, anyone who would like to explore either of these systems more fully can now download an Open Video Appliance (OVA) simulator to their personal computers. The simulators launch virtual switchers that can be configured and controlled using DashBoard, Ross Video’s powerful command software.

Carbonite Ultra and Ultrix Carbonite Upgrades

Carbonite v7.1 brings a host of new features to streamline and enhance your live productions, including:

  • Ross Platform Manager support for managed systems
    • Manage user access
    • Share settings files among multiple Carbonite Ultra or Ultrix Carbonite systems
  • Additional MultiViewer layouts and more flexible source UMD naming features
    • Assign fixed MultiViewer names independently of Source or TSL Names
  • Multi-level shift functions
    • Provide access to a greater number of sources on both small and large Control Panels
  • TSL 3.1 and 5.0 Tally/UMD Support
    • More flexible Tally and UMD connectivity and device support
  • Assignable Output and Custom Control Bank names
    • Reduce operator confusion with unambiguous Output and Custom Control Bank names
  • MediaStore Refresh Function
    • Quickly rescan and update connected USB drives
  • And more!

For a deeper dive on these features, explore the v7.1 overview video.

Graphite v6.1 is Now Available

Graphite v6.1 is also available for download and comes with a range of new features and functionality designed to make operations on your all-in-one production system more efficient, including:

  • Share Settings files between Graphite, Carbonite Ultra and Ultrix Carbonite
    • Reduce setup time and while reducing configuration errors
  • Multiple AFV Triggers
    • Trigger Audio-Follow-Video operation from groups of sources simultaneously
  • Dual-level GPI Triggers
    • Configure high and low-level GPI trigger events using a single GPI connection
  • Up to five configurable MultiViewer up/down timers
    • Replace system clock with up/down timers for increased confidence and reduced errors
  • Assignable Custom Control Bank Names
    • Reduce operator confusion with unambiguous Custom Control Bank Names
  • Aux Mix access from Main Mix faders
    • Re-enter Aux Mixes as Main Mixer sources to simulate “audio grouping” functions

What else is new?

  • Key Copy Menu tab within Live Assist
  • MediaStore Capture Page

For more information on Graphite v6.1, you can view our overview video.

For additional questions, please reach out to, or connect with our product team and other Ross product users through our Community Platorm.