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Suspended Reality

Spidercam broadcast-quality robotic camera solutions are suspended from a cable-driven ‘web’, delivering extraordinary and immersive perspectives for your audiences.  

The spidercam portfolio covers a diverse range of production applications, with modular systems consisting of a winch and a dolly that are tailored to meet the needs of the environment.

Spidercam systems are currently in use for sports and live events, concerts, esports, and TV productions around the globe. 

All spidercam systems can be acquired on a rental basis for short or long-term projects.

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Flexible Systems

Spidercam ELITE systems allow coverage of larger outdoor sporting and live events,  while our smaller solutions, spidercam PRO or MINI are ideal for conferences, worship productions and other events, from concerts to esports tournaments. 


Our larger system’s 5-axis gyro-stabilized Y dolly and remote head provides clear, shake-free images.  Our smaller spidercam X dolly provides excellent stability with a 3-axis gyro stabilized remote head with active roll axis and endless pan. 

Stunning Perspectives

Spidercam’s overhead angle and three-dimensions of movement enthrall audiences, while providing greater accessibility to events. 

spidercam Showreel

Used on productions around the world, spidercam systems are suspended on four cables with winches that navigate a camera dolly in 3D space utilizing a stabilized head to provide HD or 4K video.

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