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Unleashing Efficiency with OB Applications


When Paul Oakley founded his production company, he knew it was going to be an uphill battle from Day 1.

The financial muscle of large broadcasters means they can invest in state-of-the-art equipment and sprawling fleets on-demand.

Small studios must be far more resourceful to break into and stay afloat in broadcasting.

And that’s why Paul built his entire business around the Ultrix platform.

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Paul Oakley is a seasoned broadcast engineer and founder of Eyestrain Video Services, a live video services company operating out of California.

With a career dating back to the mid-eighties, Paul has witnessed the transformative journey of the broadcast industry, from analog to digital and now IP.

Ultrix Hyperconverged solutions — specifically its innovative integrated platform and software-defined capabilities — are pivotal to Paul’s business strategy and growth.

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Eyestrain Video Services needed to quickly adapt to the evolving broadcast landscape in a way that allowed them to compete with more established players.

The main challenge was ensuring a seamless transition between various production formats, which was necessary for Eyestrain Video Services.  

The challenge was twofold: avoiding the loss of critical features or production capacity while navigating the intricacies of the various broadcasting standards they worked with. All the traditional systems they investigated fell short of providing the flexibility and agility that Eyestrain required. 

Eyestrain also wanted to ensure their productions remained high-quality and efficient, regardless of the format or complexity. That was particularly challenging when they engaged in projects spanning virtual sets and LED wall displays, each with unique technical requirements. 

They were looking for a way to break free from the constraints imposed by traditional broadcasting setups – where the need for constant system changes hindered productivity – and find a solution that met the current industry standards and anticipated the future trajectory of broadcast tech. 

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Ultrix caught Paul’s attention as an early adopter, proving to be a game-changer in offering a Swiss army knife-like flexibility that was previously unavailable.

Paul chose the Ultrix platform as the core element in Eyestrain’s broadcast systems, from mobile production units to video flypacks. Its design opened new avenues for his company and several benefits, including: 

  1. Seamless Transition Across Resolutions

One of the standout benefits of Ultrix is its seamless transition across varying resolutions and the ability to handle 4K, SD, and HD with all the same features. Ultrix ensures that Eyestrain can effortlessly switch between different production types, a significant advantage in an industry where adaptability is paramount. 

  1. Integrated Embedding for Efficiency

Ultrix’s integrated embedding capability has been a game-changer, particularly in the context of flypacks and smaller trucks. The convenience of software-defined functionality allows Eyestrain to remain agile and nimble in its operations, significantly reducing the time required for reconfiguration between shows. 

  1. Reduction in Cabling Complexity

Every cable, connection, and inch of rack space matters. Ultrix has alleviated the cabling complexity that often plagues mobile and outside broadcasters. Paul estimates a 40% reduction in wiring, which dramatically impacts mobility, weight, and overall cost-efficiency of his operations, particularly the mobile production units. 

  1. Enhanced Operational Flexibility

Operational flexibility is a cornerstone of Eyestrain’s success. The platform’s ability to handle diverse productions, from virtual sets to multi-camera shows against LED walls, allows Paul to take on any project without worrying about having the equipment to handle its complexity or size. 

  1. Future-Ready Scalability

Ultrix’s scalability has been critical in helping Eyestrain take on its competitors and the ever-increasing demands of outside broadcasting.

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A Partnership and a Product

Paul’s journey with Ross Video, stretching from the Ross Video Synergy 100 switcher to Ultrix Hyperconverged solutions, goes beyond products. It is a partnership.

The round-the-clock phone support from Ross Video and the timely delivery of products have proven indispensable, ensuring that Eyestrain Video Services can meet its ambitious growth targets without operational strain or significant downtime.

I find Ross’s support to be stellar. The best support system I see right now in broadcasting

Paul Oakley
Eyestrain Video Services

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Building a Future-Ready Broadcasting Business

As an early adopter, Paul Oakley has seen Ultrix evolve and is excited about its future.

Integrating Carbonite Ultra and Carbonite Acuity into Ultrix frames holds promise for expanding capabilities.

Ultrix’s adaptability, efficiency, and seamless integration within the broader Ross Video ecosystem have empowered a small company to compete with incumbents with much larger resources and capacity. As technology evolves, hyperconverged infrastructure remains a cornerstone of Eyestrain Video Services’ strategy to build a competitive, future-ready outside broadcasting business.

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