Case Study

Maximizing Performance with OB Solutions



Innovative Production Services is a leading live event and video production company headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

They specialize in offering premium technical video production solutions through their state-of-the-art hybrid trucks and studios and are renowned for their passion and innovative approach. 

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The Challenge

Innovative Production Services needed a new mobile production truck that could help them expand and compete in top-tier broadcasting.

They began building a new production truck to help service their growing broadcasting customer base and help them stand apart from their competitors. Most traditional broadcasting trucks are designed for a single environment or purpose, and while they deliver that well, they often struggle to adapt to anything outside of that. Innovative wanted to build a truly hybrid truck, meshing the best of the broadcasting world with the best of AV.

Their goal was to engineer a vehicle adaptable to diverse event types and broadcasting needs, transitioning easily between large-scale live events, Netflix productions, and upscale corporate functions. 

We thought long and hard about how we can integrate other systems into the truck to enable it to do a lot more than just a traditional camera-switch broadcast.

Brendan Sadgrove
Director, Innovative Production Services

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The Solution

Innovative Production Services chose the Ultrix hyperconverged system as the core infrastructure of the truck due to its compatibility and versatility.

They collaborated closely with Ross while building the truck and chose Ultrix hyperconverged platform as the truck’s backbone due to its unmatched versatility and power.  

Ultrix made integrating multiple systems into a single, compact unit both straightforward to implement and easy to operate. Ultrix’s flexibility and scalability were also crucial to providing the hybrid, multi-functional capabilities needed to make the new truck at home in any environment.  

By going with Ultrix, we knew right from the start that there’s room to grow so that when it was time to add ST2110, it would be easy. We’re about to put an IPX card into our Ultrix frame, and knowing there’s a path forward for us to keep future proofing, both on the product and support side, is massive for us.

Jeremy Koch
Director, Innovative Production Services

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The new hybrid production truck, 4K ONE, was the first of its kind in Australia and quickly won acclaim from the international community.

The 4K ONE truck is seen as a pivotal development in the local broadcasting industry. 4K ONE has expanded the capabilities of Innovative Production Services and helped them take on much larger and more established competitors in the region. The truck won its first international award at the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Awards, creating a lot of interest and opportunity for Innovative Production Services.   

The collaboration with Ross provided not just technical solutions that made 4K ONE possible but also ongoing support and guidance. That has helped Innovative Production Services navigate the challenges of creating a groundbreaking product and breaking into the top-tier broadcasting space. 

We’ve been privileged to have already won our first international award at the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Awards, and Ross is the driving force behind making that happen. Working with Ross, things got off on the right foot right from the start. And it’s just got better and better as time has gone on. We’ve got a really nice rapport now, and it’s almost like Ross is part of the family.

Jeremy Koch
Director, Innovative Production Services

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