Corporate Solutions Case Study

Ross Video & Quince Imaging: Innovating Corporate Live Event Production

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Founded in 1997, Quince Imaging is a privately-owned live event, projection display, and immersive technology firm headquartered in the Washington, D.C. metro area.

Known for offering technologically cutting-edge, breathtaking video solutions for live and virtual audiences worldwide, Quince Imaging combines creativity, technical process management, and unmatched expertise in sophisticated broadcast video systems integration, 3D projection mapping, augmented reality, and large-format video display design.

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After the heavy impact of COVID on the live corporate event industry, it was clear that the prevalence of remote production has upped the production value of the live events industry.

Before COVID, the live event industry was segmented into two key sectors: those who utilized broadcast trucks and studios, and those with space restrictions. The pandemic lockdowns had producers looking at broadcast production in a new light.
With limited space for large broadcast media trucks on-site at events as well as loss of production quality and features from the studio, Quince continued to take advantage of 12G production after two years of low-resolution streams.

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Ross worked with Quince during the pandemic to help us build a studio capable of three simultaneous productions. As pandemic restrictions ended, they were able to act quickly to mobilize the new equipment for live events.

Providing hands-on training was great for the Quince Imaging team as well, and this included the commissioning of individual products and QC for the integrated environment of all Ross products. After training/commissioning, Quince was able to hit the ground rounding with our 12G flypack immediately going into service and reaching 100% commitment through the first four months of operation.

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Ross has been responsive, quick, and agile, providing the right products at the exact right moment as the industry has grown and expanded over the last several years.

Upgrading from a standard switcher to the Ultirx Carbonite was quick and painless, including a smooth rollout of the first-run TouchDrive Panels. In particular, the Ultrix audio/video routing and mulitiviewing have given us powerful tools previously unavailable in a flypack solution.

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