Case Study

RecordTV Rio Optimizes Studio Production Efficiency and Video Standards with Ross



RecordTV Rio is a prominent media company in Brazil with 400 employees spread across three studios, and a production load of over 8 hours of live video content per day.

RecordTV Rio were looking to improve their production capabilities and optimize their studio environment’s operational efficiency as part of their ongoing innovation initiatives.

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The Challenge

With the need to maintain high-quality standards while maximizing efficiency and minimizing cost, RecordTV Rio sought a solution to automate and standardize their studio.

The goal was to reduce malfunctions, out-of-focus shots, incorrect camera movements, and erratic zooming while empowering their team with more creative options.

After an exceptional experience with their two existing Carbonite switchers and the Ross support team, they reached out to see how Ross Video could help.

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The Solution

After consultation, RecordTV Rio invested in two CamBot robotic pedestals from Ross.

The CamBot pedestal features the industry’s best floor repeatability, fast and easy targeting, alongside a straightforward design that provides years of reliable, low-maintenance operation.

“These innovative CamBot solutions will help us to optimize and automate key elements of our studio productions to the highest quality. The Ross Video team has done an excellent job in implementing and supporting the solution, helping us to improve our business without generating additional expenses.”

Júlio Abreu
Operations Director, RecordTV Rio

RecordTV Rio’s Ross Equipment

• 2x Carbonite Switchers (pre-existing)
• CamBot Robotic Pedestals

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The Impact

The introduction of the CamBots marks a significant improvement in RecordTV Rio’s studio output.

Using the CamBots in a single studio with a camera center to enable maximum control over video and lighting, and providing automated movement, the CamBots ensure that RecordTV Rio can enhance its creative capabilities, while minimizing malfunctions and problems with camera movement and focus.

The partnership with Ross has added significant value to RecordTV Rio’s business, including an 80% reduction in labor costs, further solidifying the value of Ross’s solutions.

“Ross Video’s technical support was outstanding during and after the sales process. The comprehensive in-person training enabled a smooth transition to the new system. This partnership-driven approach, combined with the intuitiveness of Ross Video’s team, has added immense value to Record TV Rio’s operations.”

Julio Abreu
Director of Operations, RecordTV Rio

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