December 12, 2023

XPression Version 11.5 Now Available!  

A mockup of XPression-11.5 on a desktop computer

The latest release of the fastest-growing real-time motion graphics engine includes the following:

  • Improved graphics workflow tools.  
  • Enhanced security standards to improve productivity and safety.

Ottawa, December 12th, 2023 — Ross Video announces the release of XPression Version 11.5, the latest update to the fastest-growing real-time motion graphics engine in the industry today.

As an integral part of video production and graphics workflows worldwide, XPression is used by individual stations and hub-and-spoke station groups across network news, sports, entertainment, and corporate productions. Expanding on the already popular feature set, XPression Version 11.5 enhancements result from continuous product development and direct user feedback.

With the addition of cloud-based workflows and the continued growth of enterprise workflow deployment, XPression Version 11.5 brings SHA-512 hashing security to the XPression Project Server workflows. Access to protected data sources across the internet now requires API Keys, OAuth2, or AES Encryption, demonstrating our commitment to delivering secure communications and expanded data access, which our customers have come to expect.

The new XPression Version 11.5 on display.

“Our customers’’ ability to protect their XPression systems and content, under any circumstances, is foremost on our mind,” says Director of Graphics Product Management Patrick Twomey. “Adding secure protocols to their content, and the ability to securely access third-party data to supplement their video productions is critical to their success, and ours.”

Enhancements to the XPression Visual Logic workflow include new logic blocks for String Match and String Selector to provide additional access to advanced functions while allowing for data evaluation and parsing without requiring complex scripting. This brings even more powerful data tools to end users who may be uncomfortable in the scripting environment offered by other solutions.

More users can share and contribute to data-driven production workflows using Google Sheets as a data source, which can be integrated into XPression DataLinq™.

Newsroom users will find additional features in our HTML5 XPression MOS client for searching and previewing Clips assets and adding them to a MOS-enabled newsroom rundown. This latest version also offers enhanced background tools for maintaining communication to the XPression Gateway over less-than-ideal network connectivity. Upgrade to XPression Version 11.5

Customers with an up-to-date software maintenance plan should contact their Ross Video Regional Sales Manager or Ross Video Technical support to confirm eligibility for XPression Version 11.5 software upgrades. For more information, visit our Tech Support page or contact Ross Video at

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