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Tally Control

Industry standard for GPI I/O control.

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Today’s OB and REMI applications require equipment that is simple to configure, and at the same time provides the utmost flexibility in set-up and connectivity. The TXP-16 has become an industry standard for GPI I/O control. Found in the majority of OB trucks and flight packs, this device allows for simple button-enabled configuration of I/O – wet / dry. The front panel LEDs provide real-time status, making this the first choice for many of the industry EICs and broadcast engineering teams.

  • 16 inputs and 16 outputs
  • 16 front-mounted binding posts, each configurable as an input or an output
  • Each input or output is configurable as wet or dry
  • Wet inputs are polarity insensitive
  • Wet voltage source may be internal or external (rear of front)
  • LEDs indicate GPI status for inputs and outputs
  • Ethernet-enabled GPI I/O frame for TSI-4000 controller
  • Can be used standalone as a GPI router
  • TCP/IP connectivity allows TXP frame to be located long distances from tally controller
  • Optional expansion to 48 I/O (32 via rear panel)
  • Device settings stored in non-volatile memory
  • 1-year transferable warranty

Tally Control
TXP-16 16 inputs / 16 outputs Tally Control

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