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Make Sports Even More Engaging

Inspired by top Sport Productions and Pro Clubs, PIERO is continually developed to support presenters and video analysts around the world. PIERO high quality graphics improve storytelling and maximize communication efficiency to its targeted audience.

PIERO uses image recognition to overlay informational and educational graphics on sports content. It empowers you to bring new angles and possibilities to the game both on the screen and in the studio. PIERO integrates smoothly with Mira replay servers and the Voyager Unreal-based AR solution.


Over 20 Sports Covered

PIERO can apply industry-leading graphics to more than 20 of the world’s major team sports. The system combines video-based effects with 3D replays and advanced virtual graphics. The comprehensive palette of effects delivers high-impact technical analysis along with eye candy and increased sponsorship opportunities.

State-Of-The Art Analysis

The wide range of effects offered by PIERO includes: moveable players, 3D tactical replays, data visualization, dynamic telestration tools, team line-up, speed & distance measurements, fly between cameras, player caption, auto tracking spotlight and many more.

Easy to Use

Simple installation and real-time workflows make PIERO easy to integrate with existing sports productions. Users can apply graphical effects on highlight clips and live video at the game or remotely. PIERO strives to deliver systems that provide high efficiency in all scenarios.

Augmented Reality

PIERO’s Unreal plugin for Voyager offers a new set of dynamic graphics! Visualize game data on the studio floor for immediate analysis of tactics and plays. The optimized workflow ensures graphics are ready in seconds. Extract players from the video or use 3D characters with custom 3D stadiums to enhance viewing experience.

Custom Branding & Graphics

With over fifteen years of experience in sports graphics, the PIERO team has crafted an unrivalled palette of effects that help analyze play patterns and team tactics. We work closely with clients to customize effects and develop innovative visuals for high end productions.

Touch & iPad App

PIERO’s customizable touchscreen interface provides a simple way to analyze plays live on air. The Touch and iPad Apps are a great choice for remote productions. They are optimized to allow presenters and coaches to tell a story quickly and easily wherever they are.

PIERO Overview Video

Piero is a state-of-the-art sports graphics and analysis system & an easy to use 3D telestrator with real time workflows.


Wide Range of Effects


Ross Video Communities!

The platform offers a place for live production professionals to come together to share their experiences, solve problems, find answers to questions and discuss best practices.


Piero Broadcast and Live runs on a 2RU AJA Nvidia RTX400 M8.
Integration with leading replay servers:
Mira, EVS XT and IP Director, Grass Valley, Dream Catcher.
Piero Club is software only and runs on Apple MacBook Pro and Mac Studio.
Encoded Camera heads support is done via Lucid Track.
Data supplier supported for Soccer, Baseball and Rugby.

PIERO-Mira Integration

The PIERO-Mira integration combines our sports analysis graphics and replay systems, and the result is sports graphics and telestration at their absolute best! The seamless workflow between PIERO and Mira gives major sporting event producers maximum flexibility on recorded camera sources, allowing them to carve out an unparalleled swath of storytelling views. To add to that, operators will never have to worry about missing a thing, since all angles of a play are instantly and intuitively available in the PIERO GUI they’re already used to. PIERO telestration magic then ensues, and upon completion, the newly created PIERO graphics clip is automatically saved to the Mira for later playback or building highlights packages. With the PIERO-Mira integration, there is no time spent on anything except creating a ton of engaging content.


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