March 14, 2024 - Ross Video Team, Technology

8 Ways Ultrix is Revolutionizing Outside Broadcasting

picture of RPS9 ob-truck--internal-ultrix-opengear

Operational efficiency is not just a goal for outside broadcasters — it’s a necessity. The complexities of deploying OB trucks and flypack technology are numerous, with efficient use of space being one of the most significant challenges.  

The traditional approach to OB operations often involves dealing with multiple vendors, a diverse range of equipment, and the challenges of ensuring interoperability. This not only adds layers of complexity but also demands extensive coordination and management.  

Enter Ultrix, a totally new approach to video production and broadcasting infrastructure that transforms the landscape of outside broadcasting. The Ultrix platform was designed to address these challenges head-on: 

1. Streamlined Installation:  

The integrated nature of Ultrix means fewer devices are required, simplifying setup with fewer interconnections. This streamlined approach means that complex systems become more manageable, reducing the time and effort needed for installation. 

2. Seamless Integration:  

Ultrix supports a wide range of protocols, ensuring it can easily integrate with third-party control systems. This seamless integration is pivotal in reducing the complexity of using many different products and systems in an OB setup. 

3. Simplified Operations:  

With integrated processing, Ultrix guarantees efficient workflows and reduced operational complexity. This simplification is crucial in high-pressure environments where every second counts. 

 4. Effortless Scaling  

Software-defined interconnects and the flexible I/O structure also mean you can scale hyperconverged infrastructure up or down effortlessly. Media producers can invest in their immediate needs. The system can quickly expand as business demands without requiring additional space, training, or infrastructure.    

5. Unified Connectivity

Ultrix’s versatility is evident in its ability to support various formats, from SD to UHD, over SDI, fiber, or IP, embedded and discrete audio. This means that regardless of the input or output requirements, Ultrix can handle them without losing processing capability – a claim not all competitors can make. 

6. Faster Deployment 

Hyperconverged systems like Ultrix are inherently quicker to design and deploy. The reduction in the number of boxes to rack and cables to run and the centralized setup and configuration drastically reduce the time to go on-air. 

7. Space Saving  

One of Ultrix’s most compelling features is its ability to offer high functionality in a compact package. This design is a game-changer in OB operations, where space is at a premium. The efficient utilization of rack space without sacrificing connectivity means that Ultrix fits seamlessly into both stationary and mobile environments. Furthermore, the thoughtful positioning of connectors and the adaptability of Ultrix’s profile ensure easy integration and eliminate the need for extensive structural adjustments. 

8. Energy Efficient 

The integrated design and fewer interconnects make hyperconverged infrastructure much more power efficient than the multiple discrete systems of traditional hardware. That significantly reduces energy consumption and helps push the needle forward in achieving sustainable broadcast systems.   

The Ultrix platform stands out in the OB tech space not just for its operational efficiencies but also for its forward-thinking design. It’s a solution that understands the intricacies of outside broadcasting – the need for quick deployment, efficient space utilization, and the flexibility to adapt to emerging technologies and standards. 

For OB professionals looking to streamline their operations, reduce complexity, and stay ahead of the technological curve, Ultrix is the solution that turns these aspirations into reality. The future of outside broadcasting is here, and it’s powered by Ultrix. 

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