February 27, 2021 - Ross Video Team, Customer News

Gwangju Esports Chooses Ross Production Workflow for New Arena

The esports industry may have its roots online, but its growth and increasing popularity have given rise to a number of physical events that have packed out auditoriums and stadiums around the world. Up until 2020, end-of-season league and tournament events were regularly drawing crowds in the tens of thousands in-venue, complementing the millions watching online. While the pandemic has obviously forced esports to return to online gaming, many have been planning for a future that sees the return of physical events.

South Korea has always been a hotbed for esports, and the government has been keen to support the building of new, dedicated esports venues to reflect the popularity of the industry. The city of Gwangju, in the southwest of the country, recently completed the construction of its own esports arena, and Ross Video sits at the heart of the venue’s production workflow. A Carbonite switcher, Mira replay server and Tria storage all play their part in managing the arena’s video content, and the Ultrix AV processing platform and Ross openGear take care of all routing and signal processing.

CJ Olivenetworks, the company behind the design and commissioning of the Gwangju esports arena, had previously used Ross equipment as part of their work completing other projects and was already familiar with the Ross workflow. CJ had no hesitation in proposing a Ross esports solution for the Gwangju arena, and they have stated that the experience has been extremely positive.

The pandemic may be a bump in the road for esports, but there’s little doubt that its impressive popularity will continue to grow once live events return. The challenges faced by esports content producers are often different from the problems faced by customers in more traditional broadcast or live event environments, but Ross has the innovation, expertise and experience to help the esports industry reach an even wider audience with even more exciting content.

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