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At a Glance

As technology continues to evolve, transport streams and workflows are refined to do things like increase scale, integrate multi-site facilities into a single system view, REMI productions, virtualization, cloud production and more. One of the driving forces behind this evolution is the use of IP transport streams to facilite some of these workflows. For those looking for these types of workflows, Ross has an extensive line of products to meet these demands. SDI/IP gateways, virtualized processing, cloud based production, all under the same user surfaces and , providing the same user confidences, bring a complete solution within the Ross Ecosystem for customers interested in these IP- centric workflows.


Ross IP solutions are scalable. From something as small as a single point-of-se device like a Newt or Iggy up to a full blown on-prem/cloud hybrid solution utilizing all Ross products for a complete integrated solution, Ross IP products are designed to grow as your facility does.


Cloud-based production workflow and services. On-prem bulk gateways and audio/video signal processing, routing, and multiviewers. Multichannel graphics systems. Ross has the products to support a myriad of environments and applications. Our systems are designed to be used to match your creativity.


With Ross IP solutions, you can quickly add services and features. IP transport gives the ability to rapidly tie into existing systems with minimal impact to current operations.

Software Defined

Adding processing elements like multiviewers, audio mixers, production services and more is done simply by adding licenses. This results in maximum value and longevity of hardware that is purchased.

Pay as You Go

Add functionality when you need it without having to purchase additional equipment. Subscription services and cloud-based products give you flexibility to buy only what you need and modify it as your requirements change.

User Friendly

Common control surfaces for a wide range of products allow for streamlined and efficient operations. Supporting industry-standard protocols such as NMOS means you have the ability to create an entire control ecosystem with Ross and third-party equipment.

Ross Video Communities!

The platform offers a place for live production professionals to come together to share their experiences, solve problems, find answers to questions and discuss best practices.



Ultrix is the ultimate connectivity platform. Scalable routing, video and audio processing, multiviewers, and more in a single chassis or large scale distributed system. Ultrix can support signals from SD to single link UHD in hybrid or pure IP environments.


softGear™ is a software media processing platform that provides the flexibility to adapt to changing programming needs through media processing microservices on COTS hardware and in the cloud. It offers best-of-breed media processing from Ross and third parties, easily configured, and managed through a common DashBoard interface.

Ultrix Carbonite

Ultrix Carbonite combines the routing and processing capabilities of Ultrix with the sophisticated creative capabilities of Carbonite, the world’s most popular mid-size production switcher. The flexible architecture of the platform not only allows for the transition from HD to UHD with a simple software license but it enables users to mix SDI and IP sources in the same frame transparently.


Newt is a compact, quiet and reliable UHD-over-IP SDI/HDMI signal converter. Newt offers versatile mounting options to address signal conversion applications in IP where a loud rack frame is not desirable. Newt is fluent in open standards control protocols such as NMOS, EmBER+, and DashBoard, giving you the freedom to use it in the IP environment of your choice.


RAPTOR is an openGear gateway solution that efficiently adapts SDI interfaces to uncompressed ST2110 infrastructure. RAPTOR-IPG supports open control protocols such as NMOS, EmBER+, JSON API and DashBoard, giving you the freedom to integrate with the IP environment of your choice. Raptor’s JT-NM Tested interoperability ensures a lasting investment designed to adapt to evolving IP standards and control requirements.


The IGGY family of compact, broadly interoperable, and flexible live audio-over-IP bridges support a variety of audio interface standards. IGGY’s convenient form factor provides incredible flexibility, allowing you to effortlessly deploy IP audio bridging wherever you need it – studio, truck, on-stage, or in a fly-pack. Combine three IGGY bridges in a 1RU for unparalleled channel density or incredible mix-and-match freedom.


As a hardware agnostic software defined production solution, XPression supports SMPTE ST 2022-6, 2022-7 and 2110 standards for HD and UHD workflows. WIth support for NMOS protocol, including IS-04 and IS-05, XPression fulfills rolls in traditional character generation, channel branding, augmented graphics and virtual sets for news, sports, live venues, and entertainment productions around the world. As the world-wide leader in large venue screen content graphics platforms, Ross ViIdeo XPression Tessera allows users to span a single canvas across millions of pixels using multiple XPression engines and frame buffers to create a single seemless display of engaging content.

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