April 13, 2022 - Ross Video Team, Customer News

New Production Switcher Upgrades

Ross Video’s comprehensive production switcher lineup grows more robust and more versatile with the introduction of significant feature upgrades to the Carbonite product line, while its hyperconverged production platform, Ultrix Acuity, is now compatible with TouchDrive control surfaces.

In addition to the upgrades to the Carbonite and Acuity systems, the Graphite all-in-one production system with powerful video switching, audio mixing and graphics capability is now also available for cloud-based workflows.

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v7 of Carbonite Ultra & Ultrix Carbonite – Now Available

Version 7.0 of Carbonite Ultra and Ultrix Carbonite is headlined by UltraScene, a new easy-to-use layering tool that enables complex composites to be managed as a single source. With UltraScene, up to 8 layers can be used to create visually interesting composites consisting of keys, chromakeys, DVE boxes, and more. UltraScenes can be entered into MEs and MiniMEs as Background or Key sources, just like any other source in the switcher.

UltraScene Explained

In addition to UltraScene, Production Sequencer functionality is included in version 7.0, and enables operators to automate simple and repeatable elements within a live production. As a convenient tool, Production Sequencer allows for a series of tasks, events or device controls to be linked together while complementing existing Memory and Custom Control macro capabilities.

Production Sequencer Explained

Finally, the all-new Screen Rotation Output Mode feature will be available for Carbonite Ultra. In this configuration, users can repurpose Frame Sync Format Converters to enable 3 output Screen Rotators. The Screen Rotators apply to outputs 12,13 and 14 and give you the ability to rotate outputs in 90° increments.

This function also allows operators to zoom in and position the video in X and Y space similar to how a 2D DVE operates. Screen rotators are ideal for on-set displays that have been rotated 90 degrees into portrait mode or with LED walls that don’t require rotation but do need the video zoomed and re-positioned to account for video gaps.

Ultrix Acuity compatibility with TouchDrive – Now Available!

The introduction of the TouchDrive control surfaces, featuring high-resolution touch-enabled LCD displays, provided Carbonite operators with unprecedented efficiency and ease of use. Now, TouchDrive control surfaces are compatible with Ultrix Acuity frames, allowing customers to pair their hyperconverged systems with Acuity or TouchDrive Control Panels.

The version 11.0 release for Ultrix Acuity also makes it even easier for customers to configure Software-Defined Production Engine blades with either Acuity or Carbonite software. Additional video operation formats are also included in version 11.0 to accommodate productions that implement lower frame rate UHD video modes.

UHD Format Support now includes: 2160p at 23.98 / 24 / 25 / 29.97 / 30 to go along with the already supported 50 / 59.94 and 60 formats.

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