December 8, 2023 - Paul Seymour, Technology

What’s New with Video Servers?

Designed to meet the demanding requirements of live broadcast workflows for production, presentation, and replay, Ross’s Video Server product line received another upgrade with the latest 9.2 software release.

This latest software edition for the Tria, Kiva, and Mira products comes with a new set of RossTalk Receive Commands to improve playlist playout remote control, as well as an update to the default image at the video channel ‘unload’ for a more flexible user experience.

Kiva Presentation Video Servers get a boost with an all-new external Tally feature, while the Quad Viewer SDI OUT on the system is now configured for Count-Down to support operators further in the live event world. 

Finally, the Tria Explorer, Mira Explorer, Mira Replay, and Kiva Presenter applications all received significant feature updates, including:

Tria Production Video Servers

Tria Explorer app:

  • Audio Meter Scale change

Kiva Presentation Video Servers

Kiva Presenter app:

  • New Unload Channel controls for PVW Audio Player
  • Output Mode setting added (Field vs. Frame)
  • Audio Meter Scale change & Gain level added

Mira Replay Systems

Mira Explorer app:

  • Audio Meter Scale change

Mira Replay app:

  • Audio Swap & Mute from Foreign Replay Events
  • New User Parameters for Stop at POI / Stop at OUT
  • Multi-Item Selection in Clip Register and Playlist
  • Modify attributes for Multiple Items in Playlist
  • Clip Register “Preferred Camera” Highlighting in Clip Play mode
  • Audio Meter Scale change

Upgrade your Tria, Kiva, or Mira Video Server Product

Customers with a software maintenance plan can Submit a Software Request with Ross Video Technical support to obtain the V9.2 Software upgrade. 

Customers who are unsure of their software maintenance status can contact their Ross Video Regional Sales Manager to confirm eligibility for the V9.2 Software upgrade.

For more information, visit the Ross Video Help Center webpage or contact Ross Video Technical Support at

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