July 26, 2022

Ross Video Provides Unrestricted Ultra High-Definition Format Access with the Release of XPression Version 11


  • Ross Video’s XPression is a real-time motion graphics generation system
  • This release offers Ultra High-Definition (UHD) format access, the new GO2! Series, XPression Gateway updates, and features to facilitate real-time flexibility
  • The ability to create and output UHD content on all editions allows users to migrate to UHD workflows more quickly


Ottawa, Canada – July 26, 2022 – Ross Video today launched the release of XPression Version 11, which provides unrestricted Ultra High-Definition (UHD) format access. XPression is the fastest growing real-time motion graphics generation system in the industry, and now includes a new product in the GO! Series, an update to XPression Gateways, and other features to support ever-changing production requirements.

  • XPression Version 11 users are now able to:
  • Create and play UHD formats on all XPression software
  • Use 2 channels of 1080P content through the introduction of XPression GO2!
  • Leverage enhancement such as superscript, subscript, and underlining text
  • Experience increased flexibility, with the ability to choose between XPression Gateways
  • Stay up to date on production requirements with the ability to reorder items within the same channel or device

“The transition to UHD production by our customers is beginning to take shape,” says Patrick Twomey, Director of Graphics Product Management at Ross Video. “Expanding the capacity to create and output UHD content on all editions of XPression software will enable customers to migrate to UHD workflows even faster.”


Product Details:

The XPression Version 11 release offers users the ability to create and play UHD formats on all XPression software, no longer being restricted to XPression Studio Flex or XPression BlueBox Flex.

With compatible hardware, such as Quad-link SDI, 12G SDI and SMPTE ST 2110 IP configurations of XPression 4RU hardware, Ross Video is introducing 1RU versions of XPression 12G and IP Hardware configurations which support 12G SDI inputs and outputs, as well as 25G SMPTE ST 2110 IP input and output.

For video production in the field, Ross Video builds upon its previous solution and introduces XPression GO2!, which offers an improved and expanded user-experience.

XPression GO2! users are now able to create and output up to 2 channels of 1080P content. The new AJA ioX3 Thunderbolt 3 video I/O device provides four bi-directional BNC ports which are accessible to XPression Studio, BlueBox, and Clips when using the new XPression GO2! editions. Single channel editions of Studio, BlueBox, Clips and even Prime XPression GO! can also use the two-channel device, for single channel workflows, today and be ready for upgrades to GO2! Editions of Studio, BlueBox or Clips in the future.

XPression Version 11 also introduces enhancements such as superscript, subscript and underlining of text; improved functionality for the XPression NLE plug-in allowing users to choose which XPression Gateway, XPression Project Server Manager application now shows the status of file transfers, and the ability to reorder items using the Remote Sequencer within the same channel or device to alter the playlist to meet production requirements.




XPression Fast Facts

  • XPression is in use around the world, in multiple languages.
  • XPression is the fastest growing real-time motion graphics generation system in the industry today.
  • XPression uses intelligent caching to provide real-time access to content so there is no lag between keyboard entry and system operation.
  • XPression has always been available as a software only solution all the way up to a turnkey hardware product.
  • XPression handles it all: SD, HD, in SDI or IP, UHD/4K in Quad-Link or 12G Single-Link SDI. XPression software is resolution independent and output card agnostic.


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Media Contact
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Technical Contact:
For more information or to schedule your upgrade to XPression version 11, reach out to your Ross Video Sales Professional (sales@rossvideo.com) or the technical support team (techsupport@rossvideo.com).



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