Audio Monitoring Bridges


3G / HD / SD SDI embedded audio monitoring bridge

The MB-651 monitoring bridge is a compact, 1RU audio monitoring bridge for embedded audio. Designed to meet the demands of broad- cast audio monitoring requirements, the MB-651 is capable of de-em- bedding up to 16 channels of audio from an incoming SDI signal. The audio monitoring bridge provides both visual and aural monitoring with built-in front panel display and speakers.

16 digital VU/PPM meters monitor all 16 channels of embedded audio, while an intuitive control surface o ers easy channel source and mode selection for the built-in speakers. A meter and numerical display pro- vides loudness measurements according to ITU1770/1771 LKFS. Ad- ditional information such as true peak, input signal data, audio group presence and type, and mode selection are also displayed on screen.

High quality, 2-way speakers, along with a high performance class D stereo ampli er, o er excellent sound quality suitable for any monitoring environment. The front panel also includes a volume control and a 1/4 inch headphone jack. The rear of the MB-651 provides a single SDI in- put with reclocked SDI output and 2 channels of analog audio outputs.

  • 3G / HD / SD SDI input with integrated 16 channel de-embedder
  • Monitoring of up to 16 channels of embedded audio
  • Reclocked SDI output
  • High Power Class D Stereo Audio Ampli er
  • Onboard 5.1 Surround sound Lt/Rt downmixer
  • True Peak VU or LKFS Loudness level display, with full 16 channel monitoring display
  • Redundant Power Supply Option
  • Headphone & Analog Audio Outputs
  • Easy audio source and mode selection
  • Ethernet connection to Dashboard control system for monitoring, control and software upgrades
  • 1-year transferable warranty

Monitoring Bridge
 Audio Monitoring Bridge
PS-MB-650 Redundant or Spare Power Supply for MB-65x Series


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